eRA e-RAdoc: Digited Documents from the Rothamsted Long-term Experiments

Collections in eRAdoc

Details and Guides to the Rothamsted Experiments: Edited every few years, these guides give information on the field experiments.
Maps and Plans: Maps of Rothamsted, or hand drawn plans of the experiments in different years
Miscellaneous Books: In this collection are gathered books written by scientists at Rothamsted in the early years of the institute
Rothamsted Conferences: Reports of Conferences held at Rothamsted on a wide range of agricultural topics, 1926 - 1937
Rothamsted Reports: Annual reports from Rothamsted, 1908 - 1987. These include the 'Part 2' reports, which contain longer articles, many reporting results from the long-term experiments
The Park Grass Experiment: Reports and summaries of the Park Grass experiment - 1856 - current
Yields of the Long Term Experiments: The yields of the Classical, Long-term and other field experiments at Rothamsted, Woburn, Brooms Barn and Saxmundham, from 1862. These were mainly published in the ‘Memoranda of ...

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