Plans and treatments for WRN3

Plans, treatments and background

  • WLA background The Woburn Ley-arable Experiment, 1938-2020: Its management, the issues and problems that arose, and their resolution to maintain the continuity and relevance of the experiment. Johnston et al, 2022, Rothamsted Research, Harpenden, UK . DOI: 10.23637/wrn3-manag1938-2020-01
  • WLA cropping Woburn Ley-arable experiment cropping sequence, 1938-2020. Showing generic plan and arable and ley rotation sequence of all 5 Blocks (I-V), and the different treatment crops. Available as pdf and dataset. DOI: 10.23637/wrn3-cropping1938-2020-02
  • WLA fertilizer Woburn Ley-arable experiment fertilizer and lime applications, 1938-2020. Annual fertilizer and lime applications, including basal N, P and K, and corrective K, applied to test and treatment crops. DOI: 10.23637/wrn3-fert1938-2020-01

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