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Site: Saxmundham Research Station

  • Site: Saxmundham Experimental Station
  • Location: Saxmundham, Suffolk
  • Latitude: 52.22 N
  • Longitude: 1.47 E
  • Altitude (m asl): 37

Average annual temperature and rainfall (1966-1985) are 9.5°C and 618mm respectively. See Saxmundham monthly meteorological summaries, 1966-85 for more details ADD LINK

See Goulding et al (1986) for details of atmospheric deposition at Saxmundham, 1969-1984.


  • Type: International Classification: Eutric Gleysol (IUSS Working Group WRB, 2015)
  • Sandy clay loam developed in drift over Chalky Boulder Clay (Hodge, 1972)
  • Soil Survey of England & Wales Series: Beccles Series (Corbett & Tatler, 1970)

For more details of the Beccles and other soil series, see Cranfield University 2018 Soils Guide.

The soil is typical of large areas of Eastern England. The field is drained (Williams, 1971) but the soil can be difficult to manage when weather conditions are unfavourable (Cooke & Williams, 1972).

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