Experiments done at Saxmundham

Experiments at Saxmundham

Experiment Code Purpose Started
Saxmundham Rotation 1 S/RN/1 Since 1965, to observe crop responses to P and K and their interactions with N, particularly with high rates of N applied to high yielding wheat cultivars for bread-making quality. From 1899-1964 to test combinations of N, P, K and organic manures on a typical four-course arable rotation. 1899 - 2010
Saxmundham Rotation 2 S/RN/2 Since 1965, to look at the response of various crops to fresh and residual soil P, and the decline in plant-available P when P fertilizer was no longer applied. From 1899 to 1964 to look at how limited amounts of FYM, sodium nitrate and superphosphate could best be used over a typical four-course arable rotation. 1899 - 2010

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