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  • Experiment Site: Woburn
  • Date Start:
  • Date End: Ongoing


Experimental Design

Site: - Woburn

There are currently no prepared datasets online for this experiment. However, there may still be data available but requiring curation. For more information please contact the e-RA curators.

Key References


  • Watts, C. W. , Glendining, M. J. and Castells-Brooke, N. I. D.(2017) "Woburn Experimental Farm Soil and Field Maps", Electronic Rothamsted Archive, Rothamsted Research
    DOI: 10.23637/ws-soil-maps-01


  • Crowther, E. M.(1936) "Chapter XXII. The soils of the Woburn plots. ", Fifty years of the field experiments at the Woburn Experimental Station. Rothamsted Monographs on Agricultural Science. (Russell E.J. and Voelcker J.A. (eds) - Longmans, Green and Co,), No. 7., 315-345
  • Russell, E. J. and Voelcker, J. A.(1936) "Fifty years of field experiments at the Woburn Experimental Station", Rothamsted Monographs on Agricultural Science-

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