Highfield Bare Fallow

  • Experiment Code: R/RS/1
  • Experiment Site: Rothamsted
  • Objectives: The effect of continuous bare fallow.
  • Description: In 1959 an area of permanent grass (since 1838, Lawes & Gilbert, 1885) adjacent to the Highfield Ley-Arable experiment at Rothamsted was ploughed, and has not grown a crop since. This is the Highfield Bare Fallow. Soil organic carbon (SOC) is measured periodically, and this has declined substantially since the area was first ploughed out of grass. Archived soil samples are available.
  • Date Start: 1959
  • Date End: Ongoing

Key Contacts

  • Andy Gregory

  • Role: Principal Investigator
  • Organisation: Rothamsted Research
  • Address: West Common, Harpenden, Hertfordshire, AL5 2JQ, United Kingdom
  • Sarah Perryman

  • Role: Data Manager
  • Organisation: Rothamsted Research
  • Address: West Common, Harpenden, Hertfordshire, AL5 2JQ, United Kingdom


Experimental Design


  • Period: 1959 - Now

Site: Highfield - Rothamsted

  • Experiment Site: Rothamsted
  • Description: Permanent grass since 1838 (Lawes & Gilbert, 1885) adjacent to the Highfield Ley-Arable experiment at Rothamsted.
  • Management: Since 1959 the experiment is kept free of weeds by frequent cultivation, but herbicides are used occasionally, so inputs of carbon to the soil are negligible. The experiment is on a trapezoidal area of approximately 900 m2.
  • Visit Permitted?: Yes
  • Visiting Arrangments: By arrangement with Dr Andy Gregory, LTE Manager
  • Geolocation:    51.804108, -0.361341


  • Type: Luvisol

Soil Properties

Variable Value Reference Year Is Estimated Is Baseline
Sand content 15% (Percent) 1945 NO YES
Silt content 59% (Percent) 1945 NO YES
Clay content 26% (Percent) 1945 NO YES
Soil pH 4.8 () 1945 NO YES

Datasets available

Title (hover for a longer description) Year of Publication Type DOI or Link Version

Soil data

Highfield Bare Fallow soil chemical properties, 1959-2014 2021 Frictionless 10.23637/rrs1-SOILCN1959-2014-01 01


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