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Yields of the Field Experiments 1971...

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Yields of the Field Experiments 1971-1
Yields of the Field Experiments 19711
Contents 19713
Conventions 19717
Harvest Areas for Cereals8
Experiments - Classicals9
71/R/BK/1 Broadbalk - Potatoes, Beans, Wheat9
71/R/HB/2 Hoosfield - Potatoes, Beans, Barley 14
71/R/WF/3 Wheat and Fallow - Wheat21
71/R/EX/4 Exhaustion Land - Barley22
71/R/PG/5 Park Grass - Hay23
71/R/AG/6 Agdell - Barley, Potatoes25
71/R/BN/7 Barnfield - Beans, Sugar Beet, Potatoes 30
71/R/GC/8 Garden Clover - Clover39
71/S/RN/1 Rotation I - Grass, Lucerne40
71/S/RN/2 Rotation II - Sugar Beet, Potatoes, Barley44
71/R/RN/1 and 71/R/RN/2 Ley/ARABLE - Old Grass, Leys, Barley, Wheat 50
71/W/RN/3 Ley/ARABLE - Leys, Potatoes, Rye, Carrots, Barley68
71/W/RN/4 Market Garden - Barley, Potatoes76
71/R/RN/5 Arable Reference Plots - Barley, Ley, Potatoes, Wheat, Kale80
71/W/RN/6 Arable Reference Plots - Old Grass, Sugar Beet, Barley, Ley, Potatoes, Oats84
71/R/RN/7 Residual Phosphate - Potatoes, Barley, Swedes88
71/R/RN/8 Cultivation/WEEDKILLER - Beans, S. Wheat, Potatoes, Barley92
71/R/RN/9 Cereal Disease Reference Plots - W. Wheat, S. Wheat99
71/R/RN/1 Irrigation - Potatoes, Beans 101
71/W/RN/12 Organic Manuring - Leys, Rye 107
71/W/RN/13 Intensive Cereals - Ley, Potatoes, Wheat, Barley111
71/W/RN/14 Long-term Phosphate - Barley, Potatoes116
71/W/RN/15 Rotation and Fumigation - Potatoes, Barley, Sugar Beet120
Crop Sequences125
71/R/CS/1 Levels of N and K - Potatoes125
71/R/CS/2 Grazed Reference Plots - Old Grass128
71/R/CS/6 Wheat After Intensive Barley - Wheat130
71/R/CS/10 and 71/W/CS/10 Long-term Liming - Barley132
71/W/CS/11 Soil Structure - Wheat137
71/R/CS/13 N and Mg Levels to Old Grass - Old Grass139
71/R/CS/14 N P K to Old Grass - Old Grass 143
71/W/CS/15 Direct Seeding - Wheat150
71/W/CS/16 Irrigation and Eelworms - Potatoes152
71/W/CS/20 Placement of Fumigant - Potatoes156
71/R/CS/24 P K and Take-all - Barley158
71/W/CS/28 Fumigants and Irrigation - Barley 163
71/W/CS/33 Rates of Nematicides Dosage - Barley166
71/W/CS/34 Nematicides in Crop Sequence - Potatoes 168
71/R/CS/41 Cultivations and Soil Invertebrates - Old Grass, New Grass170
71/R/CS/42 Effect of Invertebrates on Yield - Old Grass 172
71/R/CS/43 Aqua Ammonia - Old Grass174
71/R/CS/44 Break Crops and Wheat - Barley 178
71/R/CS/49 and 71/W/CS/49 Fumigant and N - W. Wheat, S. Wheat 180
71/W/CS/51 Autumn and Spring Fumigants - Potatoes 184
71/W/CS/52 Fumigants, Temik and N - S. Wheat186
71/W/CS/55 Fumigation and N - Beans188
71/W/CS/56 Nematodes and Verticillium - Potatoes 190
71/R/CS/58 Crop Sequence and Take-all - S. Wheat 192
71/R/CS/59 Break Crops and Wheat - Wheat 195
71/W/CS/60 Glycoluril for Grass - Ryegrass 197
71/R/CS/61 Fungicides - Old Grass199
71/W/CS/63 Nematodes and Verticillium - Potatoes202
71/W/CS/64 Fumigants and Ditylenchus - Onions 204
71/W/CS/66 Dazomet and Nitrogen -maize 206
71/W/CS/67 Much Fertiliser and Fym - Wheat208
71/R/CS/68 Ammonium Phosphates - Ryegrass210
71/R/CS/69 Early and Late Mildew - Barley213
71/R/CS/71 Weedkiller and Aqueous N - Old Grass 215
71/R/CS/74 Break Crops and Wheat - Barley, Oats, Beans, Maize, Clover, Undersown Trefoil220
71/R/CS/76 and 71/W/CS/76 Rates of N P K Fertiliser - Potatoes 223
71/W/CS/77 Much Fertiliser and Fym - Potatoes227
71/W/CS/78 Nematodes and Verticillium - Potatoes229
71/W/CS/79 Chemicals and Scab - Potatoes 231
71/S/CS/1 Row Spacing and Seed Rates After Intensive Wheat - Wheat233
Annuals - Wheat235
71/R/WW/1 and 71/W/WW/1 Varieties and N - W. Wheat235
71/R/WW/2 Septoria - W. Wheat239
71/R/WW/3 Gaines, Seed Rates, N and Ccc - W. Wheat241
71/R/WW/4 Ethrel, Dust and Spray - W. Wheat243
71/R/WW/5 Weedkillers and Aqueous N - W. Wheat245
71/R/WW/6 and 71/BB/WW/6 Growth and Yield on Contrasted Sites - W. Wheat249
71/R/WW/7 Systemic Fungicides - W. Wheat253
71/R/WW/8 Benomyl and Eyespot - W. Wheat255
71/R/WS/2 Ethrel, Dust and Spray - S. Wheat257
71/R/WS/3 Dwarf Spring Wheat, Varieties, N and Ccc - S. Wheat259
71/R/WS/7 Effects of Blue/GREEN Algae - S. Wheat261
71/R/B/1 and 71/BB/B/1 Growth and Yield on Contrasted Sites - Barley263
71/R/B/2 and 71/W/B/2 Varieties, N and Ethirimol - Barley267
71/R/B/3 and 71/W/B/3 Rates, Forms and Methods of Applying N - Barley271
71/R/B/5 Control of Cereal Aphids and Bydv - Barley274
71/R/B/6 Weedkiller and Aqueous N - Barley276
71/R/B/7 Seed Rates, Row Spacing and Ethirimol - Barley279
71/R/B/8 Times of Applying Ethirimol - Barley281
71/R/B/9 Ethrel, Dust and Spray - Barley283
71/R/B/10 Systemic Fungicides - Barley285
71/R/B/11 Methods of Applying Systemic Fungicides - Barley287
71/R/B/12 Early and Late Mildew - Barley289
71/R/B/13 Methods of Applying N P K - Barley291
71/S/B/1 Varieties, N Rates and Times of Application - Barley293
71/S/B/2 N Rates After Grass and Arable - Barley296
71/R/BE/1 Chemical Control of Soil-borne Pathogens - Beans298
71/W/BE/1 Control of Sitona - Beans300
71/R/BE/2 and 71/W/BE/2 Effects of Sitona on Yield - Beans302
71/R/BE/3 Control of Vectors and Viruses - Beans304
71/R/BE/5 Effects of Aphids - Beans306
71/R/BE/6 Varieties and Broad bean Stain Virus - Beans308
71/R/BE/7 Row Spacing, Drills and Weedkillers - Beans310
71/R/BE/8 Photosynthetic Zones - Beans312
71/R/BE/9 Seed Rates, Row Spacing and Growth Regulators - Beans314
71/R/P/1 Seed Stocks, Diseases and Fungicides - Potatoes316
71/W/P/1 Seed Stocks, Diseases and Fungicides - Potatoes319
71/R/P/2 Chemicals and Seed-borne Fungi - Potatoes322
71/R/P/10 Spacing, Seed Size and Fertiliser - Potatoes324
71/R/P/11 Blight and Aphid Reference Plots - Potatoes328
71/R/P/13 Comparison of Fungicides - Potatoes331
71/R/P/15 Ethrel and N - Potatoes333
71/R/SC/1 Seed Spacing and N - Sweet Corn335
71/R/K/1 Virus Control - Kale336
71/R/BS/1 Aphids and Virus - Brussels Sprouts338
71/R/SB/1 Ethrel and Pre-treatment - Sugar Beet339
71/R/G/1 Weedkiller and Aqueous N - Grass341
71/R/M/4 N P Fertiliser (Phenylphosphonic Acid) for Barley - Mixed Crops346
71/R/M/5 Amidophosphates for Barley (Resown With Ryegrass), Potatoes and Kale - Mixed Crops348
71/E/1 Meteorological Records 1971 - Rothamsted352
71/E/1 Meteorological Records 1971 - Woburn353
71/E/1 Meteorological Records 1971 - Saxmundham354
Conversion Factors355

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