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Rothamsted Experimental Station Report for 1927-28 With the Supplement to the Guide to the Experimental Plots1
Rothamsted Laboratories, Erected 1914-162
Rothamsted Experimental Station and Woburn Experimental Farm Staff List6
Publications of Rothamsted Experimental Station13
Introduction - General Account of Rothamsted17
Rothamsted Report for the Years 1927, 192820
Crop Experiments21
Sugar Beet24
The New Nitrogenous Manures27
Effect of Fertilisers on Composition and Quality of the Grain29
Winter-sown Oats and Wheat30
The Accuracy of the Field Experiments36
List of Standard Errors in the Replicated Experiments 1925-2837
Detailed Laboratory and Pot Culture Investigations on Fertilisers40
Plant Growth and Quantity of Fertiliser 40
Soil Cultivation42
The Constituents of the Soil44
Soil Microbiology45
Disease Organisms and Pests49
Bee Research54
Summaries of Papers Published, 1927, 1928 - I. Scientific Papers :55
Crops, Plant Growth and Fertiliser Investigations55
Statistical Methods and Results58
The Soil65
The Soil Population and Its Behaviour72
The Plant in Disease; Control of Disease79
Summaries of Papers Published, 1927, 1928 - II. Technical Papers :89
Meteorological Observations95
The Farm and Crop Results , Rothamsted, 1927, 192897
Woburn Experimental Farm, 1927, 1928102
Rothamsted Experimental Plots, 1927, 1928 118
The Use of the Summary Tables118
The Classical Experiments119
Replicated Experiments131
Experiments at Rothamsted131
Experiments at Woburn154
Experiments at Outside Centres165
Lawes Agricultural Trust, Trustees and Committee; Society for Extending the Rothamsted Experiments176

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