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Rothamsted Experimental Station Report for 1973 Pa...

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Rothamsted Experimental Station Report for 1973 Part 21
Physiology of Grain Yield of Wheat and Barley5
Root Growth of Cereal Crops 26
Changes in Yield and Botanical Composition Caused by the New Liming Scheme on Park Grass 67
The Behaviour of K Remaining in Soils from the Agdell Experiment at Rothamsted, the Results of Intensive Cropping in Pot Experiments and Their Relation to Soil Analysis and the Results of Field Experiments74
The Woburn Organic Manuring Experiment I. Design, Crop Yields and Nutrient Balance, 1964-7298
The Woburn Organic Manuring Experiment II. Soil Analyses, 1964-72, With Special Reference to Changes in Carbon and Nitrogen 134
Reference Experiments on Young Conifers at Woburn Experimental Farm, 1961-69 152
Rothamsted Weather 172
Monitoring Change in the Distribution and Abundance of Insects 202
Rothamsted Insect Survey - Fifth Annual Summary 240
Subject Index271
Conversion Factors274
Maps of Rothamsted and Woburn Farms276

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