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Numerical Results of the Field Experiments 1970...

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Numerical Results of the Field Experiments 19703
Numerical Results of the Field Experiments 19703
Conventions 19707
70/R/BK/1 Broadbalk - Winter Wheat, Potatoes, Spring Beans9
70/R/HB/2 Hoosfield - Barley, Spring Beans, Potatoes14
70/R/WF/3 Wheat and Fallow - Wheat20
70/R/EX/4 Exhaustion Land 21
70/R/PG/5 Park Grass - Hay22
70/R/AG/6 Agdell - Grass and Fallow, Sugar Beet and Barley24
70/R/BN/7 Barnfield - Beans, Spring Wheat, Barley35
70/R/GC/8 Garden Clover41
70/S/RN/1 Rotation I 197043
70/S/RN/2 Rotation II 1970- Potatoes, Sugar Beet, Barley45
70/R/RN/1 & 70/R/RN/2 Ley/ARABLE51
70/W/RN/3 Ley/ARABLE 69
70/W/RN/4 Market Garden - Sugar Beet, Barley78
70/R/RN/5 Arable Reference Plots - W. Wheat, Kale, Barley Grass-clover Ley, Potatoes, Grass82
70/W/RN/6 Arable Reference Plots - W. Oats, Sugar Beet, Barley, Grass-clover Ley, Potatoes, Grass86
70/R/RN/7 Residual Phosphate - Potatoes, Barley, Turnips90
70/R/RN/8 Cultivation/WEEDKILLER - Spring Beans, Winter Wheat, Potatoes, Barley94
70/R/RN/9 Cereal Disease Reference Plots - W. Wheat, S. Wheat, Oats, S. Beans101
70/R/RN/11 Irrigation - S. Beans, Barley103
70/W/RN/12 Organic Manuring - Leys, Beans106
70/W/RN/13 Intensive Cereals - Ley, Potatoes, Wheat, Barley109
70/W/RN/14 Long Term Phosphate - Sugar Beet, Barley119
70/W/RN/15 Rotation and Fumigation - Barley, Potatoes, Sugar Beet124
70/R/CS/1 Levels of N & K - S. Wheat129
70/R/CS/2 Grazed Reference Plots - Old Grass131
70/R/CS/6 Wheat After Intensive Barley -w. Wheat133
70/R/CS/10 and 70/W/CS/10 - Barley135
70/W/CS/11 Soil Structure 2 - S. Beans141
70/R/CS/13 N and Mg Levels to Old Grass143
70/R/CS/14 NPK to Old Grass147
70/W/CS/15 Direct Seeding - W. Wheat154
70/W/CS/16 Irrigation and Eelworms - Potatoes156
70/R/CS/23 Simulated Grazing - Old Grass162
70/R/CS/24 P, K and Take-all - Barley166
70/R/CS/25 Insecticides and Molluscicides - Old Grass171
70/W/CS/28 Fumigants and Irrigation - Barley173
70/W/CS/29 Forms of Magnesium - S. Wheat176
70/W/CS/33 Rates of Nematicides Dosage - Sugar Beet After Potatoes178
70/R/CS/41 Cultivations and Soil Invertebrates - Old and New Grass181
70/R/CS/42 Effect of Invertebrates on Yield - Old Grass183
70/R/CS/43 Aqua Ammonia - Grazed Grass185
70/R/CS/44 Break Crops and Wheat - W. Wheat189
70/W/CS/45 Nematicides in Rows - Barley191
70/R/CS/47 Thiourea - Ryegrass193
70/R&W/CS/49 Fumigant and N - W. Wheat, S. Wheat195
70/W/CS/51 Autumn and Spring Fumigants - Potatoes199
70/W/CS/55 Spring Beans201
70/W/CS/56 Nematodes and Verticillium - Potatoes203
70/R/CS/58 Crop Sequences and Take-all - S. Wheat, S. Beans, Fallow205
70/R/CS/59 Break Crops and Wheat - Barley, Oats, Beans, Maize, Clover, Undersown Trefoil207
70/W/CS/60 Glycoluril for Grass - Grass211
70/S/CS/1 Intensive Wheat- W. Wheat213
70/R/WW/1 and 70/W/WW/1 Winter Wheat Varieties X N215
70/R/WW/3 Winter Wheat Paths and Blank Rows219
70/R/WW/5 Winter Wheat Cultivations and Bulb Fly221
70/R/WW/6 Winter Wheat Ccc (Ccc) in Grain223
70/R/WW/7 Winter Wheat Seed Dressings and Soil-borne Diseases225
70/R/WW/8 Winter Wheat Gaines, Seed Rates, N and Ccc227
70/R/WW/9 Winter Wheat Growth Regulators229
70/R/WW/12 Winter Wheat Weedkiller and Aqueous Nitrogen231
70/R/WS/2 Spring Wheat Systemic Fungicides233
70/R/WS/3 Spring Wheat Ccc (Ccc) in Grain235
70/R/WS/4 Spring Wheat Effect of Gaps237
70/R/WS/5 Spring Wheat Varieties X N and Mildew Control (Erysiphe Graminis)239
70/R/WS/6 Spring Wheat Growth Regulators and N241
70/R/WS/7 Spring Wheat Dwarf Wheat, Seed Rates N and Ccc243
70/R/B/1 Barley Systemic Fungicides245
70/R/B/2 and 70/W/B/2 Barley Varieties X N and Mildew Control (Erysiphe Graminis)247
70/R/B/4 Barley Early and Late Mildew (Erysiphe Graminis)255
70/R/B/6 Barley Comparison of Combines257
70/R/B/8 Barley Weedkiller and Aqueous Nitrogen259
70/S/B/1 Barley Varieties, N Levels and Times of Application261
70/S/B/2 Barley N Rates to Barley After Grass264
70/R/BE/1 and 70/W/BE/1 Spring Beans Row Spacing, K, and Methods of Application266
70/R/BE/2 Spring Beans Effects of Aphids269
70/W/BE/2 Spring Beans Insecticide and Sitona271
70/R/BE/3 Spring Beans Pyrethroids272
70/R/BE/5 Spring Beans Photosynthetic Zones274
70/R/BE/6 Spring Beans Seed Rates, Row Spacing and Growth Regulators276
70/R/BE/7 Spring Beans Chemical Control of Soil-borne Pathogens278
70/R/BE/8 Spring Beans Broad bean Mottle Virus280
70/R/BE/9 Spring Beans Thizobium Strains and Lime282
70/S/BE/1 Spring Beans Insecticide and Sitona285
70/R/P/1 Potatoes Seed Stocks, Diseases and Fungicide286
70/R/P/2 Potatoes Chemicals and Seed-borne Fungi293
70/W/P/2 Potatoes Nematodes and Verticillium295
70/W/P/3 Potatoes Much Fertiliser and Fym297
70/R/P/5 Potatoes Chitting, Spacing and Seed Size299
70/W/P/5 Potatoes Chemicals and Scab302
70/W/P/6 Potatoes Systemic Nematicide304
70/R/P/12 Potatoes Comparison of Fungicides308
70/R/P/13 Potatoes Blight Reference Plots310
70/R/G/1 Grass Anhydrous Ammonia, Aqueous Ammonia and Urea Solutions312
70/R/G/3 Grass Weedkiller and Aqueous N315
70/G/SC/1 Sweet Corn Nitrogen and Seed Rates 320
70/R/M/4 and 70/W/M/4 Mixed Crops Ammonium Phosphates for Grass and Barley322
70/R/E/1 Meteorological Records 1970 - Rothamsted, Woburn, Saxmundham330
Conversion Factors333

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