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Numerical Results of the Field Experiments 1968...

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Numerical Results of the Field Experiments 19681
Contents 1968 3
Conversion Factors7
Classical Experiments11
68/A/1 Wheat and Three-course Rotation Broadbalk11
68/A/2 Hoosfield Barley and Three-course Rotation21
68/A/3 Hoosfield Wheat and Fallow 29
68/A/4 Agdell Grass31
68/A/5 Barnfield Four Course Rotation & Beans After Long Term Experiments on Root Crops35
68/A/6 Hay the Park Grass Plots43
68/A/7 Hoosfield Exhaustion Land45
68/A/8 Rothamsted Garden - Clover47
68/A/9 Saxmundham Rotation I49
68/A/10 Saxmundham Rotation II53
Rotation Experiments55
68/B/1 Rothamsted Ley and Arable Rotations55
68/B/2 Woburn Ley Arable Rotations73
68/B/3 Reference Plots Rothamsted and Woburn83
68/B/4 Woburn Market Garden - Beans95
68/B/5 Residual Phosphate Rotation - Potatoes, Barley, Swede99
68/B/6 Cultivation - Weedkiller Rotation - Beans, Wheat, Potatoes, Barley103
68/B/7 Intensive Cereals - Ley, Potatoes, Wheat, Barley111
68/B/8 Long Term Phosphate - Potatoes, Barley121
Crop Sequence Experiments125
68/C/1 K, Mg and Na - Grass125
68/C/2 Intensive Barley Growing Experiment - S. Wheat, Barley, Fallow137
68/C/3 Long Term Liming Experiment - Potatoes139
68/C/4 Residues of N, P and K to Grass - Spring Wheat145
68/C/5 Cereal Disease Reference Plots - W. Wheat, S. Wheat147
68/C/6 Irrigation - Potatoes, S. Beans149
68/C/7 Park Grass Microplots - Plots 5/1 and 5/2155
68/C/8 Park Grass Microplots - Plot 6165
68/C/9 Sod Seeding and Pests - W. Wheat167
68/C/10 Intensive Winter Barley Growing Experiment169
68/C/11 Effects of Crop Sequences and Green Manures - Legumes, Barley171
68/C/12 Previous Crops X N for Barley173
68/C/13 Rate of Action of P Fertilisers - Ryegrass After Barley175
68/C/14 Effects of Formalin and Nitrogen - W. Wheat177
68/C/15 Virus Control - Lucerne181
68/C/16 P, K and Take-all - Barley185
68/C/17 Insecticides and Molluscicides - Grass187
68/C/18 Organic Manuring Experiment189
68/C/19 Irrigation and Eelworm - Potatoes193
68/C/20 Direct Seeding - W. Wheat196
68/C/21 Effect of Potato Haulm on Winter Wheat199
68/C/22 Soil Sterilants - W. Wheat203
68/C/23 Effects of Formalin and Nitrogen - Grass205
68/C/24 the Effect of Granule Size on the Rate of Release of N from Ibdu - Grass207
68/C/25 N Fixation by Lucerne - Lucerne and Grass211
68/C/26 Nitrogen Fixation by Lucerne - Lucerne and Grass221
68/C/27 Placement of Fumigant for Potatoes230
68/C/28 Rates of Placement of N for Beans233
68/C/29 Simulated Grazing Experiment235
68/C/30 Effect of Soil Compaction on Growth of Sugar Beet243
68/C/31 Soil Structure 2 - Wheat247
68/C/32 Levels of N for Winter Wheat After Spring Beans249
68/C/33 Nematicides (Formerly Ploughsole D-d) - Sugar Beet251
68/C/34 Fumigants and Irrigation - Barley257
68/C/35 Forms of Magnesium on Sugar Beet261
68/C/36 Cereal Cyst-nematode - S. Wheat, Barley263
68/C/37 Nematode-resistant Barley267
68/C/38 N-release from Green Manures - Sugar Beet, Barley269
68/C/39 Saxmundham Intensive Wheat275
68/C/40 Saxmundham Formalin, Nitrogen and Lime for Barley277
68/C/41 Saxmundham Phosphate and Potash - Red Clover281
68/C/42 Saxmundham Phosphate and Potash - Lucerne285
68/C/43 Saxmundham N and Cutting - Grass289
Annual Experiments291
68/DA/1 Sowing Dates and Bulb Fly - W. Wheat291
68/DA/2 Cultivations and Bulb Fly - W. Wheat293
68/DA/3 Ccc and Eyespot - W. Wheat295
68/DA/4 Spun and Drilled Seed and Cultivations - W. Wheat 297
68/DA/5 Ccc, Row Spacing and N - W. Wheat299
68/DA/6 Varieties and N - W. Wheat301
68/DA/7 Ccc, Row Spacing and N - S. Wheat303
68/DA/8 Effect of Gaps - S. Wheat305
68/DA/9 Effects of Paths and Blank Rows - S. Wheat307
68/DA/10 Anhydrous Ammonia As a Fertiliser - S. Wheat309
68/DA/11 Varieties and N - S. Wheat 311
68/DB/1 Effects of Paths and Blank Rows - Barley313
68/DB/2 Spun and Drilled Seed and Cultivations - Barley315
68/DB/3 Varieties X N and Eyespot - Barley317
68/DB/4 Deep Drilled Fertiliser - Barley319
68/DB/5 Woburn Varieties and N - Barley321
68/DC/1 the Effect on Yield of Inoculating Beans With Different Strains of Rhizobium 323
68/DC/2 Effect of B-nine*, Irrigation and Its Time of Application on Yield & Growth - S. Beans325
68/DC/3 B-nine* and Nitrogen - S. Beans327
68/DD/1 Row Spacing, N and K - W. Oilseed Rape329
68/DD/2 Row Spacing, N, K and Seed Rate S. Oilseed Rape333
68/DE/1 Effect of Gaps - Potatoes337
68/DE/2 Effects of Gangrene (Phoma Spp. ) - Potatoes339
68/DE/3 Effects of Stem Canker (Rhizoctonia Solani) - Potatoes341
68/DE/4 Effects of Skin-spot (Oospora Pustulans) - Potatoes343
68/DE/5 Rothamsted and Woburn Commercial, Dipped and Healthy Stocks - Potatoes345
68/DE/6 Coiled Sprout and Verticillium Nubilum - Potatoes349
68/DE/7 Warm Water Treated Seed - Potatoes353
68/DE/8 Chemicals and Seed-borne Fungi - Potatoes355
68/DE/9 Effects of Aphids - Potatoes357
68/DE/10 Comparison of Fungicides - Potatoes359
68/DE/11 Post-planting Cultivations - Potatoes361
68/DE/12 Varieties, Nitrogen and Scab (Streptomyces Scabies - Potatoes363
68/DE/13 Woburn the Effect of Chemicals on Common Scab - Potatoes367
68/DE/14 Woburn Fumigants and Nutrients - Potatoes369
68/DF/1 Anhydrous and Aqueous Ammonia - Grass375
68/DF/2 Nitrogen and Damage to Sward by Ammonia-injectors - Grass377
Miscellaneous Data381
68/E/1 Meteorological Records 1968 - Rothamsted, Woburn, Saxmundham381

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