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Yields of the Field Experiments 2000...

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Yields of the Field Experiments 2000
Contents 20003
Conventions 2000 and Fertilizers6
Tables of Means8
Pesticides Used9
00/R/BK/1 Broadbalk - W. Wheat, W. Oats, Forage Maize12
00/R/HB/2 Hoos Barley - S. Barley18
00/R/WF/3 Wheat and Fallow - W. Wheat22
00/R/EX/4 Exhaustion Land - W. Wheat23
00/R/PG/5 Park Grass - Hay26
00/R/BN/7 Barnfield - Grass, Grass With Clover30
00/R/GC/8 Garden Clover - Red Clover33
00/W/RN/3 Ley/ARABLE - Leys, W. Beans, W. Wheat, W. Rye, Forage Maize35
00/W/RN/12 Organic Manuring - W. Wheat46
00/R/RN/22 Crop Rotations - W. Oats, W. Wheat, W. Rape, W. Linseed, W. Beans, Lupins49
00/R/CS/302 Eyespot Resistance to Mbc - W. Wheat54
00/R/CS/309 and 00/W/CS/309 Long-term Straw Incorporation - S. Wheat56
00/R/CS/311 Effects of Shallow Straw Incorporation - W. Wheat, S. Oilseed Rape60
00/R/CS/323 Cereal Sequence and Take-all - W. Wheat62
00/R/CS/326 and 00/W/CS/326 Amounts of Straw - W. Wheat64
00/R/CS/355 Rates of Mineralization - W. Wheat67
00/R/CS/408 Miscanthus Sinensis Giganteus Study - Grass69
00/R/CS/411 Panicum Study - Grass70
00/W/CS/427 Contaminated Sludge Cake - Grass72
00/W/CS/428 Metal-amended Liquid Sludge - Grass75
00/R/CS/429 Winter Rye As an Energy Crop - W. Wheat77
00/W/CS/439 Metal Salts - Grass79
00/R/CS/476 Fungicide Sequences and Take-all - W. Wheat81
00/R/CS/478 Continuous Maize - Forage Maize, S. Barley84
00/W/CS/478 Continuous Maize - Forage Maize, S. Barley86
00/R/CS/480 Miscanthus Genotypes - Grasses88
00/W/CS/482 Diagnosis of S Deficiency - Potatoes90
00/R/CS/494 Take-all, Phialophora and Seed Treatments - W. Wheat92
00/R/CS/498 Panicum Virgatum Study - Grass94
00/R/CS/499 Panicum Virgatum and Nitrogen - Grass96
00/R/CS/503 Winter Rape and Take-all98
00/R/CS/504 Break Crops and Take-all - W. Wheat100
00/R/CS/505 Break Crops and Take-all - W. Wheat, W. Oats, W. Rape, W. Linseed, W. Beans, W. Peas, W. Lupins102
00/R/CS/508 Seed Treatment Sequences and Take-all - W. Wheat105
00/R/CS/511 Management of Herbicide Resistant Crops - W. Wheat107
00/W/CS/527 Sulphur and Malting Barley 110
00/W/CS/530 Effects of Take-all of Various Strobilurins112
00/R/WW/3 Plant N Indicators - W. Wheat114
00/R/WW/4 Fusarium Study - W. Wheat117
00/R/WW/5 Semiochemicals and Aphids - W. Wheat119
00/R/WW/6 Herbicide Resistant Black-grass - W. Wheat121
00/R/WW/7 Septoria Leaf Blotch on Winter Wheat124
00/R/WW/10 Varieties and N - W. Wheat126
00/R/WW/11 Seed Treatments and Nitrogen - W. Wheat129
00/R/WW/12 Seed Treatments Against Take-all - W. Wheat131
00/R/WW/13 Strobilurin and Nitrogen Curve - W. Wheat133
00/R/WW/14 Strobilurins and Winter Wheat135
00/W/WW/23 Timing of Sulphur Application on Winter Wheat137
00/W/WW/24 Effects of Sulphur and Nitrogen on Winter Wheat139
00/W/WW/25 Strobilurins and Take-all - W. Wheat141
00/R/BW/1 Hybrid Barley - W. Barley143
00/R/RAW/2 Cleavers in Winter Rape - W. Oilseed Rape145
00/R/RAW/4 Control of Stem Canker - W. Oilseed Rape148
00/R/RAW/5 Stem Canker Study - W. Oilseed Rape151
00/R/RAS/1 Effects of Sulphur and Nitrogen on Spring Oilseed Rape153
00/R/LNW/1 Winter Linseed Diseases155
00/R/LNW/2 Weeds in Winter Linseed157
00/R/LNS/1 Fungicides and Spring Linseed161
00/R/SU/1 N, K and Density - Sunflowers164
00/W/BES/20 Mechanical Weed Control in Spring Beans166
00/R/LP/3 Weeds in Lupins168
00/R/LP/4 Genotype Evaluation - Lupins171
00/R/LP/5 Pests and Diseases - Lupins173
00/R/LP/6 Seed Rates and Sowing Dates - Lupins175
00/R/LP/9 Sulphur and Lupins177
00/R/LP/11 Yellow Lupins179
00/W/LP/20 Plant Density - Lupins181
00/R/M/4 Effects of Behaviour Modifying Chemicals183
Meteorological Records 2000 - Rothamsted185
Meteorological Records 2000 - Woburn186

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