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Yields of the Field Experiments 1994...

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Yields of the Field Experiments 1994
Yields of the Field Experiments 19941
Contents 19943
Conventions 19946
Harvest Areas for Cereals7
Tables of Means7
Pesticides Used8
Experiments - Classicals11
94/R/BK/1 Broadbalk - W. Wheat, Potatoes11
94/R/HB/2 Hoos Barley - S. Barley18
94/R/WF/3 Wheat and Fallow - W. Wheat22
94/R/EX/4 Exhaustion Land - W. Wheat23
94/R/PG/5 Park Grass - Old Grass26
94/R/BN/7 Barnfield - Ley32
94/R/GC/8 Garden Clover - Clover35
94/W/RN/3 Ley/ARABLE - Leys, W. Beans, W. Wheat, W. Rye, S. Barley37
94/W/RN/12 Organic Manuring - W. Wheat47
Crop Sequences52
94/R/CS/10 and 94/W/CS/10 Long-term Liming - W. Lupins52
94/R/CS/140 Chemical Reference Plots - S. Barley54
94/R/CS/309 and 94/W/CS/309 Long-term Straw Incorporation - W. Wheat58
94/R/CS/311 Effects of Shallow Straw Incorporation - W. Wheat62
94/R/CS/323 Cereal Sequence and Take-all - W. Barley, W. Oats, W. Triticale, W. Wheat, S. Barley64
94/R/CS/326 and 94/W/CS/326 Amounts of Straw - W. Wheat67
94/R/CS/331 Take-all Inoculation - W. Wheat, W. Oats70
94/W/CS/347 Green Crops for Set-aside - Ryegrass, Clover, Tumbledown, W. Oats, W. Wheat72
94/R/CS/354 Sowing Dates and Take-all - W. Wheat77
94/R/CS/355 Rates of N and Mineralization - W. Wheat79
94/W/CS/375 Take-all Epidemics - W. Wheat81
94/W/CS/386 Cover Crops and Nitrogen - W. Barley83
94/W/CS/399 Cover Crops and N Cycling - W. Barley86
94/R/CS/408 Miscanthus Sinensis Giganteus Study - Grass88
94/R/CS/411 Panicum Spp Study Grass - Grass89
94/R/CS/429 Winter Rye As an Energy Crop - W. Rye91
Annuals - Winter and Spring Wheat93
94/R/WW/1 Nitrogen Indicators - W. Wheat93
94/W/WW/1 Sulphur and Wheat - W. Wheat95
94/R/WW/2 Herbicide, Weed Species and Density - W. Wheat97
94/R/WW/3 Sowing Date and N - W. Wheat100
94/R/WS/1 Weed Sowing Date and Density - S. Wheat103
Winter and Spring Barley105
94/R/BW/1 Companion Cropping - W. Barley105
94/R/BS/1 Triasulfuron Dose and Weed Density - S. Barley107
94/W/BS/1 Sulphur and Spring Barley - S. Barley110
Winter Oilseed Rape112
94/R/RAW/3 Effects of Behaviour Modifying Chemicals - W. Oilseed Rape112
94/W/RAW/3 Sulphur and Nitrogen - W. Oilseed Rape114
94/R/RAW/5 Disease Forecasting and Yield Loss - W. Oilseed Rape116
94/R/RAW/6 Winter Oilseed Rape and Weed Species - W. Oilseed Rape119
94/R/RAW/7 Winter Oilseed Rape Density and Chickweed - W. Oilseed Rape121
94/R/RAW/8 Weed Competition - Rape Drilling Date and Chickweed - W. Oilseed Rape124
94/R/RAW/10 Disease Pressure and Glucosinolates - W. Oilseed Rape127
Spring Oilseed Rape129
94/R/RAS/1 Spring Oilseed Rape and Sclerotinia - S. Oilseed Rape129
94/R/RAS/3 Semiochemicals and Pollen Beetles - S. Oilseed Rape131
94/R/BEW/2 Weed Competition - Beans and Weeds - W. Beans133
94/R/BEW/3 Pheromone-baited Trap Crop - W. Beans135
94/R/BES/2 Weevils and Insecticide - S. Beans137
94/R/BES/3 bean Flower Colour and Pheromone - S. Beans139
94/R/BES/4 Weed Competition and Spring Beans - S. Beans141
Winter Lupins143
94/R/LP/2 Sowing Dates and Population - W. Lupins143
94/R/LP/3 Sowing Dates, Pests and Diseases - W. Lupins145
94/R/L/P/9 Sowing Dates of Spring Lupins - S. Lupins150
94/R/SU/1 Varieties and Diseases - Sunflowers152
94/R/SU/2 Botrytis, Honeybees and Pollen Beetles - Sunflowers154
94/R/LN/1 Fungicide Timing - Linseed156
94/R/LN/2 Weed Competition in Linseed - Linseed158
94/R/LN/6 Weed Types in Linseed - Linseed161
94/R/P/4 Effects of Silver Scurf and Black Dot - Potatoes163
94/W/SB/1 Sulphur, Nitrogen and Sugar Beet - S. Beet167
94/R/M/1 Sowing Date and Insecticide - Mixed Crops169
94/E/1 Meteorological Records 1994 - Rothamsted172
94/E/1 Meteorological Records 1994 - Woburn173
Conversion Factors177

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