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Yields of the Field Experiments 19791
Contents 19793
Conventions 19797
Harvest Areas for Cereals8
Table of Means8
Experiments - Classicals9
79/R/BK/1 Broadbalk - Wheat, Potatoes9
78/R/HB/2 Hoosfield - Barley13
79/R/WF/3 Wheat and Fallow - Wheat17
79/R/EX/4 Exhaustion Land - Barley18
79/R/PG/5 Park Grass - Old Grass20
79/R/AG/6 Agdell - Ryegrass, Beans25
78/R/BN/7 Barnfield - Ryegrass28
79/R/GC/8 Garden Clover - Clover31
79/S/RN/1 Rotation I - Grass, Grass/CLOVER, Beans, Wheat, W. Barley33
79/S/RN/2 Rotation II - Wheat, Barley39
79/R/RN/1 and 79/R/RN/2 Ley Arable - Old Grass, Leys, Potatoes, Wheat, Beans, Oats, Barley45
79/W/RN/3 Ley/ARABLE - Leys, Barley, Oats , Wheat56
79/W/RN/4 Market Garden - Ryegrass61
79/R/RN/5 Arable Reference Plots - Barley, Ley, Potatoes, Wheat62
79/W/RN/6 Arable Reference Plots - Oats, Sugar Beet, Barley, Ley, Potatoes, Permanent Grass67
79/R/RN/7 Residual Phosphate - Ley, Wheat71
79/R/RN/8 Cultivation/WEEDKILLER - Barley76
79/W/RN/12 Organic Manuring - Wheat, Sugar Beet, Ley79
79/W/RN/13 Intensive Cereals - Wheat, Barley84
79/W/RN/14 Long-term Phosphate - Ley88
79/W/RN/16 Effects of Deep P K - Barley91
Crop Sequences93
79/R/CS/10 and 79/W/CS/10 Long-term Liming - Fallow93
79/W/CS/11 Soil Structure - Wheat94
79/R/CS/13 N Levels to Old Grass - Old Grass96
79/R/CS/24 P K and Take-all - Wheat99
79/W/CS/34 Nematicides in Crop Sequence - Potatoes, Wheat, Barley102
79/W/CS/35 Nematicides Dosage - Potatoes, Wheat109
79/R/CS/41 Cultivations and Soil Invertebrates - Old Grass, New Grass116
79/W/CS/66 Dazomet and Nitrogen - Maize119
79/W/CS/99 Effects of Breaks on Take-all - Barley, Oats, Beans121
79/R/CS/130 Effects of Earthworm Inoculation - Ley123
79/R/CS/131 Effects of Earthworm Destruction - Old Grass126
79/R/CS/133 Control of Pathogens - Maize129
79/R/CS/140 Chemical Reference Plots - Barley131
79/R/CS/156 Leatherjacket Study - Old Grass134
79/R/CS/161 Injected N - Old Grass137
79/R/CS/165 Sclerotinia Control - Red and White Clover159
79/W/CS/174 Sowing Dates and Ccn - Oats164
79/W/CS/181 Green Manure - Barley, Potatoes173
79/R/CS/200 and 79/W/CS/200 Factors Affecting Yield - Ryegrass, Clover, Lucerne177
79/R/CS/201 Factors Affecting Yield - Wheat194
79/R/CS/202 Effects of Phialophora - Wheat204
79/R/CS/203 Species Mixtures and Phialophora - Wheat206
79/R/CS/204 Clover Varieties in Grass/CLOVER Mixtures - Ryegrass, Clover209
79/R/CS/211 Factors Affecting Eyespot - Wheat219
79/R/CS/212 Seasonal Effects of Take-all - Beans, Wheat222
79/R/CS/216 and 79/W/CS/216 Effects of Subsoiling and Deep P K - Beans224
79/R/CS/223 Late N - Wheat226
79/R/CS/232 Aqueous Urea and Nitrification Inhibitors - Ley228
79/W/CS/239 Late N - Potatoes231
79/R/CS/240 Effects of Mycorrhiza on Response to P - Potatoes, Leeks234
79/R/CS/241 Pesticides and Slot-seeding - Ryegrass236
79/S/CS/1 Fungicides, N and Growth Regulator - W. Barley241
Annuals - Wheat244
79/R/WW/1 and 79/W/WW/1 Varieties and N - W. Wheat244
79/R/WW/2 and 79/W/WW/2 Aqueous N and Nitrification Inhibitors - W. Wheat248
79/R/WW/3 Factors Limiting Yield - W. Wheat254
79/W/WW/3 Growth and Yield on a Contrasted Site - W. Wheat266
79/R/WW/4 Seed Rates and Divided N Dressings - W. Wheat271
79/R/WW/5 Fungicides - W. Wheat273
79/R/WW/6 Effects of Septoria - W. Wheat275
79/R/WW/7 Effects of Sulphur - W. Wheat277
79/R/WW/8 Integrated Pest Control - W. Wheat279
79/R/WW/9 Parasites and Predators of Insect Pests - W. Wheat281
79/S/WW/1 Rates and Times of N and Fungicide - W. Wheat283
79/R/WS/1 Fungicides and Grain Microflora - S. Wheat287
79/R/B/1 Sowing Dates, Mildew Control and Growth Study - Barley289
79/W/B/2 Winter and Spring Barley Mildew Sensitivity to Ethirimol - Barley292
79/R/B/5 N and Growth Regulator - Barley295
79/R/B/6 Times of Applying Tridemorph and Demeton-s-methyl - Barley297
79/R/B/7 and 79/W/B/7 Varieties and N - Barley299
79/R/B/8 and 79/W/B/8 Pythium Control - Barley302
79/R/B/9 Sowing Dates and Pathogen Control - Barley305
79/R/B/10 Mildew Control in a Serially Balanced Design - Barley309
79/R/B/11 Controlled Drop Application of Tridemorph - Barley311
79/R/B/12 N and Mildew - Barley313
79/R/B/13 Mixed Varieties and Mildew - Barley315
79/R/B/21 Drills and Methods of Applying Fertiliser - Barley317
79/R/BE/1 Control of Chocolate Spot - Beans319
79/R/BE/2 Control of Sitona - Beans321
79/R/BE/5 Factors Affecting Yield - Beans323
79/R/BE/6 N and Pathogen Control - Beans331
79/R/BE/8 Foliar Nutrition - Beans333
79/R/BE/9 Control of Sitona - Beans335
79/R/BE/10 Times of Applying Permethrin - Beans336
79/R/BE/11 Pyrethroids and Sitona - Beans338
79/R/BE/12 Comparison of Sprayers - Beans339
79/R/BE/13 Comparison of Fungicides - Beans341
79/R/BE/14 Red Tick Lines - Beans344
79/R/BE/15 Effects of Vicia Cryptic Virus - Beans346
79/R/PE/1 and 79/W/PE/1 Control of Pathogens - Peas348
79/R/FE/1 N and Rhizobium - Fenugreek 353
79/R/MA/1 Rates and Times of N - Maize355
79/R/P/4 and 79/W/P/4 Seed Stocks and Times of Applying Fungicides - Potatoes357
79/R/P/6 Effects of Spacing and Lodging - Potatoes365
79/R/G/1 Liquid Fertiliser and Nitrification Inhibitors - Grass368
79/E/1 Meteorological Records 1979 - Rothamsted373
79/E/1 Meteorological Records 1979 - Woburn and Saxmundham374
Conversion Factors375

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