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Yields of the Field Experiments 19821
Contents 19823
Conventions 19827
Harvest Areas for Cereals8
80/R/BK/1 Broadbalk - W. Wheat, Fallow, Potatoes9
82/R/HB/2 Hoosfield - S. Barley14
82/R/WF/3 Wheat and Fallow - W. Wheat18
82/R/EX/4 Exhaustion Land - S. Barley19
82/R/PG/5 Park Grass - Hay21
82/R/AG/6 Agdell - W. Beans, W. Wheat26
82/R/BN/7 Barnfield - Italian Ryegrass31
82/R/GC/8 Garden Clover - Red Clover33
82/S/RN/1 Rotation I - Grass, W. Beans, W. Wheat35
82/S/RN/2 Rotation II - W. Wheat40
82/R/RN/1 and 82/R/RN/2 Ley Arable - Old Grass, Leys, Potatoes, S. Beans. W. Wheat44
82/W/RN/3 Ley/ARABLE - Leys, S. Barley, S. Beans, W. Wheat60
82/R/RN/5 Arable Reference Plots - S. Barley, Ley, Potatoes, W. Wheat, Kale66
82/R/RN/8 Cultivation/WEEDKILLER - W. Barley71
82/W/RN/12 Organic Manuring - W. Beans, W. Wheat, Ley74
82/W/RN/13 Intensive Cereals - W. Wheat, Ley77
82/W/RN/16 Effects of Deep Pk - S. Barley, S. Oats79
82/R/RN/17 Rates of P and K to the Subsoil - Potatoes, S. Barley, S. Beans, W. Wheat83
82/R/CS/10 and 82/W/CS/10 Long Term Liming - S. Oats91
82/W/CS/11 Soil Structure - S. Barley94
82/R/CS/13 N Levels to Old Grass - Old Grass97
82/W/CS/34 Nematicides in Crop Sequence - Potatoes, W. Wheat, S. Barley100
82/W/CS/35 Nematicides Dosage - S. Barley107
82/W/CS/66 Dazomet and Nitrogen - Forage Maize111
82/W/CS/99 Effects of Breaks on Take-all - S. Barley, S. Wheat113
82/R/CS/130 Effects of Earthworm Inoculation - Ley116
82/R/CS/133 Control of Pathogens - Forage Maize119
82/R/CS/140 Chemical Reference Plots - S. Barley121
82/W/CS/200 Factors Affecting Yield - Ryegrass, White Clover, Lucerne125
82/R/CS/212 Seasonal Effects of Take-all - S. Beans, W. Wheat130
82/R/CS/216 and 82/W/CS/216 Effects of Subsoiling & Deep Pk - S. Barley132
82/R/CS/230 Stubble Treatment and Light Leaf Spot - S. Barley135
82/W/CS/245 Minimum Cultivation and Deep Pk - W. Oilseed Rape, W. Wheat, W. Barley137
82/R/CS/246 Effects of Subsoiling and Deep Pk - S. Barley145
82/R/CS/247 Organic Matter and Earthworm Inoculation - W. Wheat147
82/R/CS/254 Soil Fumigation, Mycorrhiza and P - W. Barley149
82/R/CS/261 Benomyl and Take-all - W. Wheat152
82/R/CS/263 Fungicide Times - W. Barley, S. Barley154
82/R/CS/264 Fungicide Rates - W. Barley, S. Barley157
82/R/CS/265 Soil Fumigation, Mycorrhiza and P - W. Barley160
82/R/CS/271 Aphid Control by Natural Enemies - W. Wheat, Ryegrass163
82/R/CS/272 Nitrification Inhibitors - Ryegrass164
82/W/CS/273 Intensive Potatoes - S. Barley, Potatoes170
82/R/CS/279 Nematicides and Stem Nematode174
82/R/CS/280 Rhizobium Strains - Lucerne, Melilotus alba181
82/W/CS/284 Varieties & Pcn Tolerance - Potatoes183
82/S/CS/1 Factors Affecting Yield - W. Wheat185
82/R/WW/1 and 82/W/WW/1 - Winter Wheat193
82/R/WW/2 Growth and Yield on a Contrasted Site - Winter Wheat198
82/W/WW/2 Growth and Yield on Contrasted Sites - Winter Wheat201
82/R/WW/3 Factors Limiting Yield - Winter Wheat210
82/W/WW/3 Nitrification Inhibitors - Winter Wheat227
82/R/WW/4 Seed Rates & Divided N Dressings - Winter Wheat231
82/W/WW/4 Aphid Alarm Pheromone and Bydv - Winter Wheat234
82/R/WW/5 Nuarimol and Take-all - Winter Wheat236
82/R/WW/6 Fungicides and Microflora - Winter Wheat238
82/R/WW/9 Erynia and Aphid Control - Winter Wheat241
82/R/WW/14 - Winter Wheat243
82/R/WS/1 Insecticides and Alarm Pheromone - Spring Wheat245
82/R/B/1 Factors Limiting Yield - Winter Barley247
82/W/B/1 Mildew Study - Winter & Spring Barley257
82/R/B/2 Rhynchosporium Control in a Balanced Design - Winter Barley263
82/R/B/3 Effects of Straw - Winter Barley265
82/R/B/6 and 82/W/B/6 Varieties and N - Spring Barley267
82/R/B/7 Control of Insects - Spring Barley270
82/R/B/8 Plot Sizes and Mildew Spread - Spring Barley272
82/R/B/9 Interference Between Plots - Spring Barley274
82/R/O/1 Aldicarb and Stem Nematode - Spring Oats276
82/R/BE/1 Effects of Pests and Pathogens - Winter Beans278
82/R/BE/2 Control of Chocolate Spot - Winter Beans280
82/R/BE/3 Control of Sitona - Winter Beans282
82/R/BE/5 Control of Stem Nematode - Winter and Spring Beans284
82/R/BE/6 Disease Control - Winter Beans288
82/R/BE/7 Effects of Pests and Pathogens - Spring Beans290
82/R/BE/8 Varieties and Blrv - Spring Beans292
82/R/BE/9 Precision Sowing - Spring Beans294
82/R/BE/10 Control of Sitona and Pratylenchus - Spring Beans296
82/R/BE/12 Control of Rust - Spring Beans298
82/R/BE/13 Varieties - Spring Beans300
82/R/BE/18 Effects of Sitona - Spring Beans302
82/R/BE/19 Row Spacing and Methods of Applying Phorate - Spring Beans304
82/R/BE/20 Pirimiphos-methyl and Stem Nematode - Spring Beans306
82/R/PE/1 and 82/W/PE/1 Effects of Pests and Pathogens - Peas308
82/R/FE/1 N and Rhizobium - Fenugreek310
82/R/RA/1 Electrostatic Spraying - Winter Oilseed Rape312
82/W/MA/1 Effects of Aldicarb and Benomyl - Forage Maze314
82/W/P/1 Varieties and Oxamyl - Potatoes316
82/R/SW/1 Electrostatic Spray Study - Swedes318
82/R/M/1 Soil Fumigation, Mycorrhiza and P - Mixed 1320
82/R/M/6 Soil Fumigation, Mycorrhiza and P - Mixed 6324
Meteorological Records 1982 - Rothamsted328
Meteorological Records 1982 - Woburn329
Conversion Factors330

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