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Yields of the Field Experiments 1954...

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Yields of the Field Experiments 19541
Yields of the Field Experiments 1954 - Results1
Contents 19543
Classical Experiments4
54/R/A/1 Broadbalk - Wheat 4
54/R/A/2 Hoosfield - Barley 5
54/R/A/3 Hoosfield - Wheat After Fallow 6
54/R/A/3 Agdell - Rotation 6
54/R/A/4 Barnfield - Mangolds and Sugar Beet 7
54/R/A/5 Park Grass - Hay 9
54/R/A/6 Hoosfield Exhaustion Land - Barley 10
54/W/A/7 Stackyard Woburn - Wheat11
54/W/A/8 Stackyard Woburn - Barley12
Long-term Experiments13
54/R/BA/1 Three-course Rotation 13
54/R/BA/2 Four-course Rotation 20
54/R/BA/3 and 54/W/BA/3 Six-course Rotation23
54/R/BB/1 Deep Cultivation Rotation 26
54/R/BC/1 Ley and Arable Rotations 33
54/W/BD/1 Green Manuring46
54/W/BE/1 Ley and Arable Rotations 50
54/W/BF/1 Market Garden Soil 55
54/W/BG/1 Irrigation 58
Short-term Experiments63
54/R/CA/1 Wheat - Eyespot Rotation 5th Year 63
54/R/CA/2 Wheat - Eyespot, Varieties, Seed Rates and N 1st Year65
54/R/CA/3 Wheat - Residuals of Dung, N P K 67
54/R/CA/4 Wheat - Control Wireworm 68
54/R/CA/5 Wheat - Methods of Harvesting Square Plots 69
54/R/CA/6 Wheat - Methods of Harvesting Narrow Plots 70
54/W/CA/7 Wheat - Varieties, Seed Rates, Levels and Time of N72
54/R/CB/1 Barley - Seed Rates, and Levels of N 75
54/R/CB/2 Barley - Methods of Harvesting Square Plots 75
54/R/CB/3 Barley - Methods of Harvesting Narrow Plots 77
54/R/CC/1 Winter Beans - Control of Weeds 79
54/R/CC/2 Beans - Control of Back Aphis 81
54/R/CD/1 Potatoes - Dung N P K 83
54/R/CD/2 Potatoes - Method of Planting and Late N and K 84
54/R/CD/3 Potatoes - Control of Blight 87
54/R/CD/4 Potatoes - Placement of N and K 88
54/R/CE/1 Lucerne - Fertilizer Placement 89
54/R/CF/1 Broccoli - Effect of Manuring on Virus Spread 92
54/R/CG/1 and 54/W/CG/1 Carrots - Residuals of Soil Conditioners (2)93
Miscellaneous Data95
54/R/E/1 Chemical Analyses of Manures 95
54/R/E/2 Meteorological Readings - Rothamsted 96
54/R/E/2 Meteorological Readings - Woburn97

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