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Yields of the Field Experiments 1961 - Numerical Results 1
Contents 19612
Classical Experiments5
61/R/A/1 Broadbalk - Wheat 5
61/R/A/2 Hoosfield - Barley 7
61/R/A/3 Hoosfield - Wheat After Fallow 9
61/R/A/4 Agdell - Grass and Multiple Crops10
61/R/A/5 Park Grass - Hay 15
61/R/A/6 Hoosfield Exhaustion Land - Barley16
61/R/A/7 Rothamsted Garden - Clover 17
61/W/A/8 Stackyard Woburn - Wheat and Barley and Microplots18
Long-term Experiments25
61/R/B/1 Ley and Arable Rotations25
61/R/B/2 and 61/W/B/2 Reference Plots45
61/W/B/3 Green Manuring50
61/W/B/4 Ley and Arable Rotations53
61/W/B/5 Market Garden Soil 62
61/W/B/6 Irrigation 70
61/R/B/7 Concentrated Fertiliser Rotation74
61/R/B/8 Residual Phosphate Rotation76
61/R/B/9 N Levels and Residues Rotation79
61/R/B/10 Weedkiller-cultivation Rotation81
61/W/B/11 Weedkiller-cultivation Rotation85
Crop Sequence Experiments - Crops in 196188
61/R/C/1 Cereal-bean Rotations - Wheat and Barley (Test Crops)88
61/R/C/2 One Year Leys for Wheat - Ryegrass Ley90
61/R/C/3 Grass Species Testing N and K - Spring Wheat (Test Crop)92
61/R/C/4 Straw and Ryegrass Green Manure - Barley (Test Crop)97
61/W/C/5 Trefoil and Ryegrass Green Manures - Barley (Test Crop)98
61/W/C/6 Trefoil and Ryegrass Green Manures - Sugar Beet (Test Crop)99
61/R/C/7 and 61/W/C/7 Effect of K, Mg and Ca - Ryegrass 3rd Year101
61/R/C/8 Intensive Barley Growing - Cereals and Beans105
Annual Experiments107
61/R/DA/1 Winter Wheat - Weedkillers on Take-all107
61/R/DA/2 Winter Wheat - Varieties and N 108
61/W/DA/3 Spring Wheat - Combine Drilling of N109
61/R/DA/4 Wheat - Sowing Dates, Seed Rates and N (After Non-cereal Crop)111
61/R/DA/5 Wheat - Sowing Dates, Seed Rates and N (After Non-cereal Crop)113
61/R/DB/1 Barley - Forms and Application of N115
61/R/DB/2 Barley - Levels and Application of P117
61/R/DB/3 and 61/W/DB/3 Barley - Control of Wild Oats118
61/R/DC/1 Spring Oats - Frit Fly Study (Sowing Dates)120
61/R/DD/1 Spring Beans - Levels of Chalk121
61/R/DD/2 Spring Beans - Control of Weeds122
61/R/DD/3 Spring Beans - Varietal Susceptibility to Virus124
61/R/DD/4 Spring Beans - Control of Aphids (Insecticides)125
61/R/DE/1 Potatoes - Forms and Levels of K126
61/R/DE/2 Potatoes - Time of Burning Off Haulm128
61/R/DE/3 Potatoes - Azotobacter Inoculation130
61/R/DE/4 and 61/W/DE/4 Potatoes - Control of Weeds131
61/R/DF/1 Sugar Beet - Control of Virus Spread (Insecticides)133
61/R/DG/1 Grass - Levels of K and N 4th Year135
61/W/DH/2 Lucerne - Control of Weeds - Simazine and Row Spacing137
61/R/DI/1 Carrots - Motley Dwarf Virus140
Miscellaneous Data143
61/E/1 Meteorological Readings - Rothamsted143
61/E/1 Meteorological Readings - Woburn144

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