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Rothamsted Experimental Station Report for 1978 Pa...

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Rothamsted Experimental Station Report for 1978 Part 21
Forty Years' Research on Plant Viruses at Rothamsted Experimental Station5
Nematode Problems in the Woburn Ley-arable Experiment, and Changes in Longidorus leptocephalus Population Density Associated With Time, Depth, Cropping and Soil Type27
The Rotation-fumigation Experiment, Woburn Experimental Farm, 1969-7747
Results from the Woburn Reference Experiment II. Yields of the Crops and Recoveries of N, P, K and Mg from Manures and Soil, 1970-7467
Yields of, and P, K, Ca, Mg Uptakes by, Crops Grown in an Experiment Testing the Effects of Adding Peat to a Sandy Loam Soil at Woburn, 1963-7783
Results from an Experiment on All-grass and Grass-clover Leys at Saxmundham, 1969-76, and Changes in Soil pH, Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium due to Cropping and Manuring99
The Rothamsted Rhizobium Culture Collection and Inoculant Use in the Uk 119
Use of Fertilisers in England and Wales, 1978131
Rothamsted Insect Survey Tenth Annual Summary With a Comment on the Neuroptera by J. Bowden137
Subject Index175
Conversion Factors / Tables177
Maps of Rothamsted , Woburn and Saxmundham Farms179

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