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Yields of the Field Experiments 1964 - Numerical Results 5
Contents 19649
Classical Experiments13
64/R/BK/A/1 Broadbalk - Wheat 13
64/R/HB/A/2 Hoosfield - Barley 17
64/R/HWF/A/3 Hoosfield - Wheat After Fallow 19
64/R/AG/A/4 Agdell - Grass21
64/R/BN/A/5 Barnfield - Potatoes and Mangolds23
64/R/PG/A/6 Park Grass - Hay 29
64/R/EX/A/7 Hoosfield Exhaustion Land - Barley31
64/R/GC/A/8 Rothamsted Garden - Clover 33
64/W/WPW/A/9 and 64/W/WPB/A/9 Stackyard Woburn - Spring Beans and Microplots35
64/S/SA/A/10 Saxmundham - Rotation 137
64/S/SB/A/11 Saxmundham - Rotation 239
Rotation Experiments41
64/R/HIA/B/1 and 64/R/FLA/B/1 Ley and Arable Rotations41
64/R/B/2 and 64/W/B/2 Reference Plots (Ra, Rg, Wra)65
64/W/WGM/B/3 Green Manuring71
64/W/WLA/B/4 Ley and Arable Rotations77
64/W/WMG/B/5 Market Garden Soil 91
64/W/WIR/B/6 Irrigation 111
64/R/RP/B/7 Residual Phosphate Rotation119
64/R/NL/B/8 N Levels and Residues Two Course Rotation123
64/R/CW/B/9 Cultivation-weedkiller Rotation125
64/W/WCW/B/10 Cultivation-weedkiller Rotation131
64/R/RG/B/11 Grazed Reference Plots133
Crop Sequence Experiments - Crops in 1964137
64/R/LM/C/1 and 64/W/WAC/C/1 Levels of K and Mg - Potatoes and Sugar Beet137
64/R/IB/C/2 Intensive Barley Growing - Cereals143
64/R/LL/C/3 and 64/W/WLL/C/3 Long-term Liming - Spring Beans145
64/R/AR/C/4 Methods of Application of Fertiliser 1963-64 - Wheat149
64/R/AY/C/5 and 64/W/WBC/C/5 Methods of Application of Fertiliser 1963-64 - Potatoes153
64/R/AF/C/6 Levels of N and K - Cocksfoot 7th Year157
64/R/AO/C/7 Decline of Take-all - Winter Wheat159
64/R/AP/C/8 Chemical Control of Take-all - Winter Wheat160
64/R/AQ/C/9 Cereal Disease Reference Plots - Wheat161
64/R/CV/C/10 Cutting and Virus - Cocksfoot and Lucerne163
64/R/AX/C/11 N and NPK Residuals - Spring Wheat and Kale167
64/R/BB/C/12 Chemical Control of Wireworm - Spring Wheat169
64/R/AZ/C/13 Row Spacing N and Paraquat - Lucerne171
64/R/BA/C/14 Paraquat - Spring Wheat173
64/R/IR/C/15 Irrigation - Potatoes and Grass175
64/W/WAS/C/16 One Year Leys for Wheat - Grass and Clover181
64/W/WAU/C/17 Trefoil and Ryegrass Green Manures - Barley183
64/R/WAV/C/18 Trefoil and Ryegrass Green Manures - Sugar Beet185
64/W/WBD/C/19 Row Spacing and Fertilisers191
64/W/C/20 Soil Structure - Carrots and Red Beet195
64/W/C/21 Soil Structure 4 - Red Beet199
Annual Experiments201
64/R/RW101/DA/1 and 64/W/RW101/DA/1 Winter Wheat - N- Serve201
64/R/RW401/DA/2 and 64/W/WW201/DA/2WINTER Wheat - Row Spacing203
64/W/WW301/DA/3 Spring Wheat - "scorch" Study207
64/R/RW501/DA/4 Spring Wheat - Ccc209
64/R/RW601/DA/5 Spring Wheat - Date of Sowing and N211
64/R/RW301/DA/6 Wheat - Varieties and N213
64/R/RB101/DB/1 and 64/W/WB101/DB/1 Barley - Varieties and N215
64/R/RB201/DB/2 and 64/W/WB201/DB/2 Barley - Row Spacing217
64/R/RB301/DB/3 Barley - Control of Thrips Aphids and Virus221
64/R/RBE201/DC/1 Spring Beans - Row Spacing223
64/R/RP101/DD/1 and 64/W/WP201/DD/1 Potatoes - Varieties and Chitting225
64/R/RP201/DD/2 Potatoes - Time of Burning Off Haulm229
64/R/RP501/DD/3 Potatoes - Fungicides231
64/W/WP401/DD/4 Potatoes - Control of Tuber Blight233
64/W/WCT101/DE/1 Carrots - Control of Motley Dwarf Virus235
64/W/DF/1 Sugar Beet, Carrots, Redbeet - Fertilisers and Fym237
64/R/DG/2 Grass - N and K241
64/R/DG/1 Permanent Grass - N - Serve243
Miscellaneous Data247
64/E/1 Meteorological Readings - Rothamsted247
64/E/1 Meteorological Readings - Woburn248

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