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Yields of the Field Experiments 1967 - Numerical Results 1
Contents 19677
Classical Experiments13
67/R/BK/A/1 Broadbalk - Wheat 13
67/R/HB/A/2 Hoosfield - Fallow17
67/R/HWF/A/3 Hoosfield - Wheat After Fallow 19
67/R/AG/A/4 Agdell - Grass21
67/R/BN/A/5 Barnfield - Beans25
67/R/PG/A/6 Park Grass - Hay 27
67/R/EX/A/7 Hoosfield Exhaustion Land - Fallow29
67/R/EGC/A/8 Rothamsted Garden - Clover 31
67/S/SA/A/9 Saxmundham - Rotation 133
67/S/SB/A/10 Saxmundham - Rotation 237
Rotation Experiments39
67/R/HIA/B/1 and 67/R/FLA/B/1 Ley and Arable Rotations39
67/R/B/2 and 67/W/B/2 Reference Plots (Era, Erg, Wera, Werf)55
67/W/WGM/B/3 Green Manuring65
67/W/WLA/B/4 Ley and Arable Rotations67
67/W/WMG/B/5 Market Garden Soil 79
67/R/RP/B/6 Residual Phosphate Rotation95
67/R/CW/B/7 Cultivation-weedkiller Rotation99
67/W/WCW/B/8 Cultivation-weedkiller Rotation105
67/W/WIC/B/9 Intensive Cereals109
Crop Sequence Experiments - Crops in 1967115
67/R/LM/C/1 K, Mg and Na - Barley115
67/R/IB/C/2 Intensive Barley Growing - Cereals121
67/R/LL/C/3 and 67/W/WLL/C/3 Long-term Liming - Barley125
67/R/AF/C/4 Levels of N and K - Grass 10th Year129
67/R/AQ/C/5 Cereal Disease Reference Plots - Wheat133
67/R/AZ/C/6 Row Spacing N and Paraquat - Lucerne 4th Year135
67/R/IR/C/7 Irrigation - Beans and Barley141
67/W/WEAH/C/8 Soil Structure 2 Woburn - Early Carrots145
67/R/EPG/C/9 N P K - Old Grass (Park Grass Plot 5 Microplots)147
67/R/EPG/C/10 N P K and Cutting - Old Grass (Park Grass Plot 6 Microplots)157
67/R/BH/C/11 Sod Seeding and Pests - Winter Wheat159
67/R/BJ/C/12 Intensive Winter Wheat - Winter Barley161
67/R/BP/C/13 Legumes and Barley - Barley163
67/R/BQ/C/14 Previous Crops and N for Barley 1965-67 - Barley167
67/R/BY/C/15 Previous Crops and N for Barley 1966-67 - Barley169
67/R/EQ/C/16 Rate of Action of P Fertilisers 1965-67 - Ryegrass173
67/R/ER/C/17 Rate of Action of P Fertilisers 1966-67 - Barley and Ryegrass175
67/R/EBR/C/18 and 67/R/EBS/C/18 Formalin and N - 2 Sites - Winter Wheat 177
67/W/WEBO/C/19 Fumigants - Barley181
67/R/BZ/C/20 Lucerne Virus Control - Lucerne and Lucerne/COCKSFOOT 3rd Year185
67/R/CA/C/21 Levels and Forms of N for Beans - Winter Wheat189
67/R/ECC/C/22 and 67/W/WECD/C/22 Dd and Dazomet - Spring Wheat191
67/S/SC/C/23 Intensive Wheat - Winter Wheat195
67/W/WOM/C/24 Organic Manuring - Potatoes and Grass197
67/W/WCE/C/25 Irrigation and Eelworm - Potatoes201
67/W/WBW/C/26 Direct Seeding - Spring Wheat205
67/R/CU/C/27 Legumes and Barley - Various Crops207
67/R/CK/C/28 and 67/W/WCN/C/28 Potato Haulms - Potatoes211
67/R/EA/C/29 Soil Sterilants - Winter Wheat215
67/R/EZ/C/30 N and Growth Regulators - Beans217
67/R/EAA/C/31 Formalin and N - Grasses219
67/R/EAB/C/32 Ibdu - Grass223
67/R/EAT/C/33 N and 67/W/WEAQ/C/33 N - Fixation - Lucerne and Grass 227
67/W/WEAM/C/34 Placement of Fumigant237
67/S/SAX/SS/1/C/35 Soil Sterilization239
67/R/CJ/C/36 Levels and Placement of N - Spring Beans241
67/R/EB/C/37 Chemical Control of Take-all - Winter Wheat243
67/R/EAV/C/38 Stimulated Grazing245
67/W/WCL/C/39 Levels of N - Spring Beans253
67/W/WCM/C/40 Ploughsole Dd - Sugar Beet255
67/W/WECG/C/41 Cereal Cyst Nematode - Barley and Spring Wheat259
67/W/WEC/C/42 Nematode Resistant Barley - Barley - Pathogen Infested Site261
67/W/WEAU/C/43 Nematode Resistant Barley - Barley - Pathogen Free Site263
67/S/SAX/B/1/C/44 Formalin N and Lime - Barley265
67/S/SAX/RCL/1/C/45 Phosphate and Potash - Red Clover269
67/S/SAX/LU/1/C/46 Phosphate and Potash - Lucerne271
67/S/SAX/G/1/C/47 N and Cutting - Grass273
Annual Experiments275
67/R/RW101/DA/1 Winter Wheat - Seed Rates, Methods of Sowing and Bulb Fly275
67/R/RW201/DA/2 Winter Wheat - Ccc and Eyespot277
67/R/RW301/DA/3 Winter Wheat - Ccc279
67/R/RW401/DA/4 Winter Wheat - Spun and Drilled Seed281
67/R/RW512/DA/5 Spring Wheat - Comparison of Combines283
67/R/RW601/DA/6 Spring Wheat - Effect of Gaps285
67/R/RW701/DA/7 Spring Wheat - Ccc 287
67/R/RW801/DA/8 and 67/W/WW301/DA/8 Spring Wheat - Anhydrous Ammonia289
67/W/WW101/DA/9 Spring Wheat - Ccc and Irrigation293
67/W/WW201/DA/10 Spring Wheat - Sowing Dates and N297
67/R/BG1/DA/11 Winter Wheat - Sowing Date and Bulb Fly299
67/R/RB101/DB/1 Barley - Spun and Drilled Seed301
67/R/RB301/DB/3 Barley - Spraying and Wheelmarks303
67/R/RB201/DB/2 Barley - Comparison of Combines307
67/R/RBE/101/DC/1 Spring Beans - Rhizobium Strains309
67/R/RP2/1/DD/1 Potatoes - Effect of Gaps311
67/R/RP3/1/DD/2 Potatoes - Oospora (Skin Spots)313
67/R/RP4/1/DD/3 Potatoes - Oospora (Dead Eyes)317
67/R/RP5/1/DD/4 Potatoes - Rhizoctonia319
67/R/RP6/1/DD/5 Potatoes - Gangrene321
67/R/RP7/1/DD/6 Potatoes - Rhizoctonia and Storage323
67/R/RP8/1/DD/7 Potatoes - Oospora Free Seed327
67/R/RP9/1/DD/8 Potatoes - Blight and Aphid Attack329
67/R/RP10/1/DD/9 and 67/W/WP1/1/DD/9 Potatoes - Chitting and Scab331
67/R/RP12/1/DD/11 and 67/R/RP12/21/DD/11 Potatoes - Transmission of Scab - 2 Sites333
67/R/RP11/1/DD/10 Potatoes - Varieties N and Scab335
67/S/DE/1 Sugar Beet - Soil Compaction337
67/R/RG101/DF/1 Grass - Anhydrous Ammonia341
67/R/RG201/DF/2 Grass - N and Damage345
67/R/RRA101/DG/1 Oilseed Rape - Row Spacing, Seed Rate and N351
Miscellaneous Data355
67/E/1 Meteorological Readings - Rothamsted355
67/E/1 Meteorological Readings - Woburn356

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