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Rothamsted Experimental Station Report for 1972 Part 11
The Lawes Agricultural Trust ; Trustees and Committee4
Rothamsted Experimental Station; Broom's Barn Experimental Station; Soil Survey of England and Wales; and the Commonwealth Bureau of Soils Staff List6
Introduction (And Library)25
General Report27
Departmental Reports35
Physics Department35
Chemistry Department44
Pedology Department66
Soil Microbiology Department79
Botany Department90
Biochemistry Department110
Plant Pathology Department119
Nematology Department154
Insecticides and Fungicides Department174
Entomology Department195
Statistics Department225
Computer Department235
The Farms : Rothamsted257
The Farms : Woburn261
Broom's Barn Experimental Station264
Soil Survey of England and Wales 293
Abstracts of Rothamsted Papers323
Weather Tables Rothamsted; Woburn ; Broom's Barn ; Saxmundham371
Weather Tables Rothamsted372
Weather Tables Woburn373
Weather Tables Broom's Barn374
Weather Tables Saxmundham375
Publications : Rothamsted378
Publications : Soil Survey380
Books by Past and Present Members of Staff382
Conversion Factors 402
Map of Woburn Experimental Farm404
Map of Broom's Barn Farm405
Map of Saxmundham Experimental Station406

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