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D2 Management Objectives by Area

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The Gardens of Rothamsted Manor - management plan

The Gardens of Rothamsted Manor: Management Plan-3
The Garden Clover Experiment-2
Part a Survey3
A1 History3
A2 Site Description7
A3 Current Management13
A4 Legal and Institutional Constarints16
A5 Recent Development Proposals17
Part B Assessment19
B1 Site Values 19
B2 Key Values22
B3 Threats and Vulnerabilities24
B4 Opportunities25
B5 'no-change' Scenario26
B6 Key Issues27
Part C Vision31
C1 Vision31
Part D Management Objectives33
D1 General Management Objectives33
D2 Management Objectives by Area39
Part E Options45
Appendix a - Chronology48
Appendix B - Archive and Sources49
Appendix C - Garden Inventory - 194250

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