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Map 13 Ordnance Survey, 1:2500, 1973

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The Gardens and Landscape of Rothamsted Manor - an Historical report - Volume 2 - Appendices and figures

The Gardens and Landscape of Rothamsted Manor an Historical Report 18
Volume II - Appendices, Maps & Figures18
Appendix a Chronology of Ownership and Occupancy20
Memoranda, Descriptions and Other References - Archival21
Appendix B Transcripts from Documentary Sources21
Extracts from Published Material28
Appendix C some Species and Varieties Mentioned in the 'weather Diary'30
Appendix D Chronology of Rothamsted Under Sir John Wittewronge31
Appendix E Suggestions for Further Research32
Appendix F Bibliography33
Maps and Figures34
List of Maps34
List of Figures35
Map 1 Ordnance Survey 1:25, 000, 199936
Map 2 Aerial Photograph, 198037
Map 3 the Plot and Demeanes of the Manor of Rothamsted 162338
Map 4 Tracing Nof 1623 Map39
Map 5 Dury & Andrews, County Map, 176640
Map 6 Plan of the Parish of Harpenden or Harding C. 1790, Map 7 Bryant, County Map, 1822, Map 8 Ordnance Survey, 1" Scale 183441
Map 9 Tithe Map for Harpenden Parish, 183842
Map 10 Ordnance Survey 6" Scale, 1878, Publ. 188443
Map 11 Ordnance Survey 25" Scale, 1878, Publ 188444
Map 12 Ordnance Survey 25" Scale, Publ 192445
Map 13 Ordnance Survey, 1:2500, 197346
Map 14 Rothamsted at the Time of the 'weather Diary' 1683-89, Conjectural Plan, 1:250047
Map 15 Rothamsted 1623, . 1623 Map Re-orientated to Fit With Os Surveying, 1:250048
Fig. 1 Rothamsted Manor, 1624, Fig. 2 Grand Plan of the House, 190750
Fig. 3 Rothamsted Herts, Neare Harding, Mrs Bennet's Aug. T 1787 , Fig. 4 Rothamsted from the South-west, Lady Caroline Lawes, 1847 51
Fig. 5 Rothamsted from the Pond, Lady Caroline Lawes, Undated, Fig. 6 Rothamsted from the South, 19th Century View, Undated52
Fig . 7 Rothamsted from the South-west, Gardeners' Chronicle, 1875, Fig. 8 the Lime Walk at Rothamsted, Gardeners' Chronicle, 187553
Fig. 9 Rothamsted from the South-west, Country Life, 1906, Fig. 10 Rothamsted from the West, C. 191054
Fig. 11 the Parterres, Looking South, Fig. 12 Parterre - 'the Rose Lawn', Looking North55
Fig. 13 the Kitchen Garden Wall from the Parterre, Fig. 14 Sculpture by Sir Charles Lawes-wittewronge on 'rose Lawn' Looking East56
Fig. 15 Kitchen Garden - North and East Walls57
Fig. 16 the West Front from the 'warren' Avenue, Looking East, Fig. 17 Sculpture; 'the Death of Dirce' Buy Sir Charles Lawes-wittewronge58
Fig. 18 the Summer-house, Fig. 19 Part of the Yew Circle, North of the Parterres59
Fig. 20 the Yard East of the House, Looking East, With Cherry Cottage, Fig. 21 the Gatehouse in the Manor Courtyard, Looking West60

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