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05/R/GC/8 - Garden Clover

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Results of the Classical and other Long-term Experiments 2005

Results of the Classical and Other Long-term Experiments 2005
Table of Contents and Conventions1
05/R/BK/1 - Broadbalk5
05/R/HB/2 - Hoos Barley12
05/R/WF/3 - Wheat and Fallow17
05/R/EX/4 - Exhaustion Land18
05/R/PG/5 - Park Grass21
05/R/GC/8 - Garden Clover26
05/R/CS/326 and 05/W/CS/326 - Amount of Straw27
05/R/CS/477 - Rothamsted Continuous Maize31
05/W/RN/3 - Woburn Ley Arable33
05/W/RN/12 - Organic Manuring44
05/W/CS/478 - Woburn Continuous Maize47

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