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59/R/CD/1 Cereals and Beans - Rotations

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Yields of the Field Experiments 1959

Yields of the Field Experiments 1959 - Results1
Contents 19592
Classical Experiments6
59/R/A/1 Broadbalk - Wheat 6
59/R/A/2 Hoosfield - Barley 7
59/R/A/3 Hoosfield - Wheat After Fallow 9
59/R/A/4 Agdell - Grass and Multiple Crops10
59/R/A/5 Barnfield - Mangolds and Sugar Beet 13
59/R/A/5 Park Grass - Hay 15
59/R/A/6 Hoosfield Exhaustion Land - Barley17
59/W/A/8 Stackyard Woburn - Wheat and Barley20
59/R/A/7 Rothamsted Garden - Clover 20
59/W/A/9 Stackyard Woburn - Barley21
Long-term Experiments23
59/R/BA/1 Six-course Rotation - Cereal Strips23
59/R/BB/1 Ley and Arable Rotations27
59/R/BC/1 Reference Plots45
59/W/BD/1 Green Manuring47
59/W/BE/1 Ley and Arable Rotations50
59/W/BF/1 Market Garden Soil 58
59/W/BG/1 Irrigation 61
Short-term Experiments67
59/R/CA/1 Winter Wheat - Seed Rates, Sowing Dates and N (After Non-cereal Crop)67
59/R/CA/2 Winter Wheat - Seed Rates, Sowing Dates and N (After Non-cereal Crop)69
59/R/CA/3 Spring Wheat - Row Spacing, Seed Rates and N71
59/R/CA/4 and 59/W/CA/4 Spring Wheat - Combine Drilling of N73
59/W/CA/5 Wheat - Time of Sowing, Forms of N75
59/R/CB/1 and 59/W/CB/1 Barley - Combine Drilling of N77
59/R/CB/2 and 59/W/CB/2 Barley - Concentrated Fertilizers79
59/R/CC/1 Spring Oats - Varieties and N 81
59/R/CC/2 Spring Oats - Frit Fly Study (Sowing Dates)82
59/R/CD/1 Cereals and Beans - Rotations83
59/R/CE/1 Spring Beans - Control of Aphids (Seed Rates and Spraying) 85
59/R/CE/2 and 59/W/CE/2 Spring Beans - Control of Weeds (Sprays) 87
59/R/CE/3 and 59/W/CE/3 Beans - Time of Sowing, Spraying P and K89
59/R/CF/1 and 59/W/CF/1 Potatoes - Forms and Levels of K92
59/R/CF/2 and 59/W/CF/2 Potatoes - Concentrated Fertilizers 94
59/R/CF/3 Potatoes - Control of Blight (Copper and Zinc Sprays)96
59/R/CF/4 Potatoes - Control of Blight (Tin and Copper Sprays) 97
59/R/CF/5 and 59/W/CF/5 Potatoes - Control of Weeds (Sprays)98
59/R/CG/1 Grass - N Fertilizers100
59/R/CG/2 Grass - N and K103
59/R/CG/3 Grass - Species and N 105
59/R/CG/4 Grass - Clover V Ryegrass107
Miscellaneous Data109
59/E/2 Meteorological Readings - Rothamsted109
59/E/2 Meteorological Readings - Woburn110

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