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Yields of the Field Experiments 1939-1947 Volume 2

Yields of the Field Experiments 1939-1947 Volume 2 - Results1
Contents 1939-47(2)4
F Cropping of Newly Ploughed Grassland9
Short-term Experiments9
G Effects of Various Organic Manures21
H Effects of Three Organic Manures35
J Phosphate Series49
K Wheat and Spring Sown Cereals65
L Barley99
M Beans103
N Potatoes - Including Fertilizer Placement Series115
P Sugar Beet - Including Fertilizer Placement and Factory Series135
Q Carrots - Including Carrot Series163
R Flax Series167
S Lettuce171
T Kale and Spring Cabbage177
U Kok-saghyz181
V Clover and Lucerne183
Z/1 Meteorological Records - Rothamsted187
Z/2 Meteorological Records - Woburn191

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