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Transformation and Promoter Tagging in Wheat

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Rothamsted Research Annual Report 2002-2003

Rothamsted Research Annual Report 2002-2003-2
Board of Directors of Rothamsted Research2
Director's Foreword3
Director's Introduction and Review of the Year4
Rothamsted Research - Mission and Structure10
Research Divisions11
Transformation and Promoter Tagging in Wheat12
Fusarium Ear Blight16
Plant Activators20
Weed Population Dynamics24
Insecticide Resistance in Aphids28
The Environmental Impact of Sugar Beet Production32
Genomics and the Classical Experiments36
Interactions Between the Environment, Society and Technology40
Rothamsted International44
Research Projects50
Financial Report60
Corporate Governance61
The Lawes Agricultural Trust62
Staff of the Institute63

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