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Statistics Department

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Report for 1977 - Part 1

Rothamsted Experimental Station Report for 1977 Part 11
The Lawes Agricultural Trust ; Trustees and Committee4
Rothamsted Heads of Departments Staff List6
General Report9
Departmental Reports19
Biochemistry Department19
Botany Department31
Broom's Barn Experimental Station51
Computer Department73
Entomology Department89
The Farms 113
Field Experiments Section119
Insecticides and Fungicides Department131
Molecular Structures Department163
Nematology Department171
Physics Department193
Plant Pathology Department207
Soil Microbiology Department233
Soil Survey of England and Wales 247
Soils and Plant Nutrition Department271
Statistics Department297
Rothamsted Service Departments Staff List315
The Commonwealth Bureau of Soils Staff List318
Weather Tables Rothamsted; Woburn; Broom's Barn; Saxmundham319
Weather Tables Rothamsted320
Weather Tables Woburn321
Weather Tables Broom's Barn322
Weather Tables Saxmundham323
Publications : Rothamsted325
Publications : Field Experiments Section327
Publications : Soil Survey328
Conversion Factors 343
Rothamsted Campus 345
Map of Broom's Barn Farm346
Map of Woburn Experimental Farm347
Map of Saxmundham Experimental Station348
Map of Rothamsted Experimental Station Farm 349

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