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Saxmundham Experimental Station - Plan

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Rothamsted Experimental Station Report for 1971 Part 2

Rothamsted Experimental Station Report for 1971 Part 21
The Soil of Barnfield 5
The Agdell Experiment, 1848-1970 Estimates of the P and K Accumulated from Fertiliser Dressings Given Between 1848 and 1951, Their Recovery by Grass Between 1958 and 1970, and Their Effect on the Response by Grass to New Dressings of P and K38
Results from the Woburn Reference Experiment, 1960-196969
Experiments on Herbage Crops at Saxmundham, 1967-7195
Problems With Cultivations and Soil Structure at Saxmundham122
The Soils at Saxmundham Experimental Station143
Yields of Sugar Beet and Barley in Contrasting Crop Rotations at Broom`s Barn, 1965-70149
Long-term Effects of Fertilisers at Broom`s Barn, 1965-1970155
The Wheat Bulb Fly165
Changes in Soil Properties Caused by the New Liming Scheme on Park Grass177
Rothamsted Insect Survey181
Subject Index201
Conversion Factors204
Maps of Woburn Experimental Farm - Plan206
Broom`s Barn Farm - Plan207
Saxmundham Experimental Station - Plan 208
Rothamsted Experimental - Plan209

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