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Report of Rothamsted Experimental Station for 1952

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Report for 1952

Report of Rothamsted Experimental Station for 19521
Rothamsted Laboratories, Erected 1914-19162
Lawes Agricultural Trust and the Incorporated Society of Extending the Rothamsted Experiments 5
Rothamsted Experimental Station; Soil Survey of England and Wales; Woburn Experimental Station and Imperial College of Science and Technology - Research Institute of Plant Physiology; the Commonwealth Bureau of Soil Science Staff List6
Preface 19
Introduction 22
Departmental Reports 33
Physics Department33
Chemistry Department39
Pedology Department51
Soil Microbiology Department58
Botany Department 65
Biochemistry Department74
Plant Pathology Department79
Nematology Department93
Insecticides and Fungicides Department100
Entomology Department113
Bee Department 121
Statistics Department129
Field Experiments Section134
The Farms : Rothamsted 142
The Farms : Woburn 147
Woburn Experimental Station 151
Soil Work in the Colonial Territories156
Soil Survey of England and Wales 159
Special Reviews 164
Micropredators in Soil164
Large-scale Production of Edible Protein from Fresh Leaves173
Publications / Abstracts of Papers182
Publications of Rothamsted Experimental Station 206
Publications by Present and Past Members of the Rothamsted Staff 208
Map of Rothamsted Experimental Farm 1946211

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