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Crop Physiology Department

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Report for 1939-45

Rothamsted Experimental Station Report for 1939-19451
Rothamsted Laboratories , Erected 1914-19162
The Lawes Agricultural Trust; Trustees and Committee; the Incorporated Society for Extending the Rothamsted Experiments5
Rothamsted Experimental Station; Woburn Experimental Station; Imperial Bureau of Soil - Imperial College of Science and Technology -research Institute of Physiology and Agricultural Research Council Unit of Soil Metabolism Staff List6
Rothamsted Report by the Director 1939-194517
The Centenary Celebrations17
Improvements to Laboratories and Farm Buildings18
Retirement of Sir John Russell18
The Work of the Station in War-time19
Soils and Crop Nutrition20
Soil-moisture and Cultivation Studies21
Virus Diseases of Plants22
Nodule Bacteria and Other Soil Micro-organisms22
Studies of Earthworms, Slugs and Various Insects23
Fungus Diseases23
The Control of Insect Pests24
The Application of Statistical Methods26
The Diseases of Bees26
The Classical and Other Field Experiments28
Woburn Experimental Station 29
Publications of Russell and Ogg30
Departmental Reports (Publications and Abstracts at End of Section)32
Physics Department32
Chemistry Department50
Soil Microbiology Department68
Botany Department89
Crop Physiology Department99
Statistics Department106
Plant Pathology Department124
Biochemistry Department155
Entomology Department158
Bee Department194
Insecticides and Fungicides Department206
Field Experiments on the Rothamsted Farm233
The Farm240
Woburn Experimental Station253
War-time Fertiliser Policy (Joint Report by the Departments of Statistics and Chemistry)262
Publications of Rothamsted Experimental Station266
Map of Rothamsted Experimental Farm 1946271

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