eRA e-RAdoc: Digited Documents from the Rothamsted Long-term Experiments

Lawes Agricultural Trust; Trustees and Committee; the Incorporated Society for Extending the Rothamsted Experiments

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Rothamsted Report for 1936

Rothamsted Report for 1936-1
Rothamsted Experimental Station Report for 19361
Rothamsted Laboratories , Erected 1914-19162
Rothamsted Experimental Station; Woburn Experimental Station; Imperial Bureau of Soils Staff List6
Publications of Rothamsted Experimental Station13
Introduction - General Account of Rothamsted17
Rothamsted Report for 193621
Grassland Investigations21
Relation of Cultivation to Crop Yields37
Effect of Fallow on Subsequent Yields49
The Use of Straw As Manure51
Dried Poultry Manure55
Fertilisers Requirements of Sugar Beet57
Malting Barley60
Soil Microbiology63
Plant Pathology63
Field Experimentation at Rothamsted, 1926-193664
Fermentation Department, 1913-193674
Department of Insecticides and Fungicides , 1918-193684
Entomological Department, 1915-193699
Insect Pests at Rothamsted and Woburn, 1936120
Fungus Diseases at Rothamsted and Woburn, 1936122
Rothamsted Farm Report, 1936122
Meteorological Observations131
Scientific Papers Published in 1936134
Crops, Plant Growth, Plant Products and Action of Manures134
Statistical Methods and Results141
The Soil144
The Plant in Disease : Control of Disease147
Apicultural Problems151
Technical and Other Papers Published in 1936152
Crops, Soils and Fertilisers152
Woburn Experimental Farm 155
Report for 1936155
Farm Report160
Dates of Operations and Yields Woburn161
Dates of Operations and Yields, Rothamsted165
Dates of Sowing and Harvesting, and Yield per Acre, Rothamsted, 1936165
Rothamsted Experimental Plots, 1936 170
Notes on the Summary Tables170
Chemical Analyses of Manures Used in Replicated Experiments, 1936174
Meteorological Records, 1936176
The Classical Experiments177
Continuous Rotation Experiments187
Other Experiments at Rothamsted205
Other Experiments at Woburn224
Special Groups of Experiments233
Experiments at Outside Centres262
Abbreviated List of the Field Experiments 292
Errata in 1935 Rothamsted Report293
Lawes Agricultural Trust; Trustees and Committee; the Incorporated Society for Extending the Rothamsted Experiments294

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