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Report for 1930

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Report for 1930

Report for 1930-1
Rothamsted Experimental Station Report for 19301
Rothamsted Laboratories , Erected 1914-19162
Rothamsted Experimental Station ; Woburn Experimental Farm; and Imperial Bureau of Soil Staff List6
Publications of Rothamsted Experimental Station13
Introduction - General Account of Rothamsted17
Rothamsted Report for the Year 1930 20
Field Experiments21
Wheat 25
The Fallowing of Broadbalk Wheat Field 26
Potatoes 27
Sugar Beet 33
Forage Mixture Crops 36
Seeds Hay37
Effects of Farmyard Manure : How Long Do They Last 38
A New Continuous Experiment . Rotation I. Four Course Rotation. 39
Effect of Weather Conditions on Fertiliser Efficiency41
Grassland . Meadow Hay. (Basic Slag Committee) 42
Use of Grassland 43
The Accuracy of the Field Experiments 47
Soil Micro-organisms50
Cultivation of the Soil52
Composition of the Soil : Soil Analysis53
Utilisation of Results of Agricultural Experiments53
Composition of the Crops55
The Plant in Disease . Insect Pests and Their Control. Insecticides and Insect Pests. Mycology56
The Farm : Geological Survey . Geology of the Rothamsted Experimental Fields 59
Field Experiments at Outside Centres61
Fungus Diseases in Crops at Rothamsted and Woburn. Observations on Fungous Diseases in Crops on Experimental Plots at Rothamsted and Woburn May-september 1930 62
Observations on Insects Attacking Farm Crops63
Rothamsted Farm Report65
Meteorological Observations69
Summaries of Papers Published in 1930 I. Scientific Papers:72
Crops, Plant Growth and Fertiliser Investigations72
Statistical Methods and Results77
The Soil82
The Soil Population and Its Behaviour86
The Plant in Disease ; Control of Disease88
Summaries of Papers Published in 1930 II. Technical and Other Papers 94
Woburn Experimental Farm 97
Dr J. A. Voelcker's Report, 1929-3097
Mr H. G. Miller's Report104
Rothamsted Experimental Plots, 1930 109
Yields of Experimental Plots110
The Use of the Summary Tables 110
The Classical Experiments112
Scheme for Rotation Experiments 125
Experiments at Rothamsted150
Experiments at Woburn155
Experiments at Other Centres155
Lawes Agricultural Trust; Trustees and Committee; the Incorporated Society for Extending Rothamsted Experiments172

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