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Report for 1923-1924 with the supplement to the Guide to the Experimental Plots containing the Yields per Acre etc.

Report for 1923-1924 With the Supplement to the Guide to the Experimental Plots Containing the Yields per Acre Etc. -1
Rothamsted Experimental Station Report for 1923-24 With the Supplement to the Guide to the Experimental Plots1
Rothamsted Laboratories, Erected 1914-162
Rothamsted Experimental Station and Woburn Experimental Staff List6
Publications of the Rothamsted Experimental Station10
Introduction - General Account of Rothamsted12
Report for the Years 1923, 192414
Fertiliser Investigations:16
Size of Dressing and Time of Application16
Results of Malting Barley17
Fertilisers As Chlorides or Sulphates17
Basic Slag and Grass Land19
Potash on Potatoes21
Green Manuring23
The Leguminous Crops: Inoculation24
Soil Tilth and Cultivation28
Soil Micro-organisms31
Control of Pests and Disease Organisms33
Plant Pathology (Entomology and Mycology)36
Statistical Control of Field and Laboratory Work38
The Associated Farms: Woburn Farm and Leadon Court Farm41
Summary of Papers Published 1923, 1924 - I. Scientific Papers43
Crops and Plant Growth43
Statistical Methods and Results44
The Soil49
The Soil Organisms60
The Plant in Disease; Control of Disease :63
Summary of Papers Published 1923, 1924 - II. Technical Papers :69
Rothamsted Experimental Plots 72
Weather and Crop Results 1923 and 192472
Woburn Experimental Farm Report 1923-192477
Table of Results - the Classical Experiments99
Table of Results - Later Experiments114
Lawes Agricultural Trust, Trustees and Committee; the Incorporated Society for Extending the Rothamsted Experiments130

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