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Crops Grown in Rotation Agdell Field

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Annual Report for 1911 with the supplements to the Guide to the Experimental Plots containing the Yields per Acre, etc.

Rothamsted Experimental Station Report for 1911 With the Supplement to the Guide to the Experimental Plots1
Rothamsted Experimental Station Staff List2
Rothamsted Report for the Year 19115
Crops Grown in Rotation Agdell Field14
Meteorological Records 1911 ; Mangolds Barn Field 191115
Hay the Park Grass Plots 1911 ; Botanical Composition per Cent First Crop 191116
Wheat Broadbalk Field 1911 ; Barley Hoos Field 191117
Barley Hoos Field 1911 ; Wheat After Fallow ( Without Manure 1851 and Since) Hoos Field 191118
Comparative Test of Nitrogenous Fertilisers Wheat ( After Wheat in 1910 and Barley in 1909) Little Hoos Field 1911 19
Little Hoos Field 1904-11 Residual Value of Various Manures20
Subscribers and Donors to the Rothamsted Experimental Station 1904 and Since21
The Incorporated Society for Extending the Rothamsted Experiments23

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