Dataset: Acid Strip soil pH and phosphorus concentration 2010

Acid Strip soil pH 2010

Acid Strip soil pH 2010


The Acid Strip is a narrow strip of land on the the northern edge of Hoosfield, Rothamsted. The strip received large uneven applications of chalk (lime) in the 1850s, and no chalk since. This uneven application of chalk has lead to a dramatic decline in soil pH from East to West. No P or K fertilizer or manure has been applied to the site. Winter wheat is now grown, given 100 kgN/ha. This dataset contains the soil pH and soil phosphorus (P) data measured in August 2010, as reported by Turner and Blackwell (2013), funded by BBSRC Project BB/J004642/1, Development of BBSRC's capacity for the analysis of organic P in soils.


Soil samples (0-23cm) were taken from the 200m long Acid Strip at 10m intervals, with additional samples taken at 5 m intervals between 50 and 120m. The soil was air-dried and sieved to <2mm. Soil pH, Olsen P, total P (by ignition) and NaOH-EDTA extractable P were measured.

Technical Information

  • Soil pH using a Jenway 3320 pH meter (Bibby Scientific Ltd, Stone, UK).
  • Olsen P extracted with a solution of 0.5 M NaHCO3, bufferred at pH 8.5, after the method of Olsen et al, 1954.
  • NaOH_RP Reactive P concentration in NaOH-EDTA extracts
  • NaOH_TP Total P concentration in NaOH-EDTA extracts
  • NaOH_UP Unreactive P concentration in NaOH-EDTA extracts
  • TP Total P concentration by ignition

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  • Ben Turner: Data collector
  • Martin Blackwell: Data collector
  • Tegan Darch: Data collector
  • Margaret Glendining: Data curator
  • Nathalie Castells-Brooke: Data manager
  • Andy Gregory: Project manager

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Rothamsted Research


Creative Commons License This dataset is available under a Creative Commons Attribution Licence (4.0).

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Soil samples taken by the authors in August 2010 from the Acid Strip.

All soil sample analysis performance is strictly monitored using in-house standard materials. Standards and check samples are monitored and recorded.

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