Dataset: Rothamsted 30-year mean meteorological data 1981-2010

Citation:  Sarah Perryman, Tony Scott, Chris Hall (2019). Rothamsted 30-year mean meteorological data 1981-2010 Electronic Rothamsted Archive, Rothamsted Research 10.23637/OARES30YrMeans8180
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Summary Table

Summary Table


This dataset consists of the 30-year monthly mean meteorological data measured at Rothamsted Research, Harpenden, UK, from January 1981 until December 2010.


Data is derived from daily measurements taken at the site. Mean monthly data is determined from daily data using Excel.

Technical Information


  • Rain: The mean total monthly rainfall including all precipitation (snow, rain, mist and fog) captured in a 5 inch rain gauge (mm per month)
  • Sunshine: The mean total hours of sunshine (hours per month)
  • Maximum temperature: The mean maximum monthly air temperature (°C)
  • Minimum temperature: The mean minumum monthly air temperature (°C)
  • Average temperature: The mean of the maximum and minimum air temperature (°C)
  • Soil temperature under grass 30cm: The mean monthly soil temperature under grass at 30cm depth, measured at 0900 GMT (°C)
  • Soil temperature under grass 100cm: The mean monthly soil temperature under grass at 100cm depth, measured at 0900 GMT (°C)
  • Wind: The mean monthly wind speed measured at 2 metres above ground level, averaged over 24 hours (km per hour)
  • Evaporation: The mean total monthly evaporation over two open water tanks installed in the spring of each year (mm per month)
  • Radiation: The mean daily solar radiation measured with a Kipp Solarimeter (J/cm2)

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  • Sarah Perryman: Data curator
  • Margaret Glendining: Data curator
  • Andrew Macdonald: Project manager
  • Richard Ostler: Project leader
  • Tony Scott: Data collector
  • Nathalie Castells: Data manager
  • Chris Hall: Data collector

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Rothamsted Research


Creative Commons License This dataset is available under a Creative Commons Attribution Licence (4.0).

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Table Of Contents

Rain, sun hours, max and min temp, mean temp, soil temp under grass, wind, evaporation, radiation.

This 30-year mean meteorological data contained in this spreadsheet are derived from daily data measured at Rothamsted Research.

Verification includes checks for instrument errors, for missing data and outliers.

  • The dataset Rothamsted 30-year mean meteorological data 1981-2010 is a published dataset from the e-RA Database. e-RA is part of the Rothamsted Long-Term Experiments - National Bioscience Research Infrastructure (RLTE-NBRI), which also covers maintenance of the Long-Term Experiments, the Rothamsted Sample Archive and Rothamsted's environmental monitoring activities including the weather stations and its role in the UK Environmental Change Network
  • The RLTE-NBRI is funded by UK Research and Innovation - Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council (UKRI-BBSRC) under award BBS/E/RH/23NB0007 (2023-2028). The RLTE-NBRI is also supported by the Lawes Agricultural Trust. e-RA has been part of a National Capability since 2012, previous awards from the BBSRC were Grants BBS/E/C/00005189 (2012-2017) and BBS/E/C/000J0300 (2017-2022)
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