Dataset: Cirsium arvense frequency on Broadbalk Section 8 1991-2018


This dataset consists of the relative frequencies of Cirsium arvense (Creeping thistle) of the Family Asteraceae recorded on Section 8 plots of the Broadbalk Wheat Experiment, 1991-2018. Section 8 has not received any herbicides in its history.

The collective weed fauna, and frequency of each species such as C. arvense, differ in response to fertiliser treatments which vary with each plot (see Related Documents below).


The assessment method records the presence of individual weed species in 25 random quadrats (0.1m2) per plot. Each year all 18 plots were surveyed meaning 450 quadrats are assessed per year, usually in June. Frequencies refer to the total number of quadrats in which the species is recorded, the maximum being 25 per plot and 450 across all plots in the section.

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  • Sarah Perryman: Data curator
  • Richard Hull: Data collector
  • Nathalie Castells-Brooke: Data manager
  • Margaret Glendining: Data curator

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Rothamsted Research


Creative Commons License This dataset is available under a Creative Commons Attribution Licence (4.0).

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This subset of data of this single species, C. arvense, are derived from the e-RA database dataset BKWEEDS_PLOT. This complete dataset consists of records of all species of weeds recorded in section 8.

This data is recorded & provided by staff of the Weed Ecology Group, Rothamsted Research; Richard Hull, Stephen Moss, Jon Storkey who apply all appropriate quality assurance checks.

For further information and assistance, please contact the e-RA curators, Sarah Perryman and Margaret Glendining using the e-RA email address: