e-RA: the electronic Rothamsted Archive


Correct acknowledgement to use when using e-RA data

We thank the Lawes Agricultural Trust and Rothamsted Research for data from the e-RA database. The Rothamsted Long-term Experiments National Capability (LTE-NC) is supported by the UK BBSRC (Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council, BBS/E/C/000J0300) and the Lawes Agricultural Trust.

Rothamsted Research staff publications

On Rothamsted Research HARVESTIRR please quote project number BBS/E/C/000J0300 if you have used any data and/or background information from the LTEs or met data from Rothamsted, Woburn or Brooms Barn met stations.

e-RA History

e-RA was initially developed by Jackie Potts, Andy Caiger, Kevin Crowley, Sharon Brown, Paul Verrier, Christine Thomas, Roger Payne and Joe Perry, with funding from the Lawes Agricultural Trust and the Leverhulme Trust. Alan Todd and Gill Tuck subsequently prepared and curated the data, with Bill Moore responsible for the software and database application development.

The e-RA team today

Data provision

Data Preparation

e-RA Project Management Team

Chris Rawlings and Malcolm Hawkesford (chairs); Nathalie Castells-Brooke, Margaret Glendining, Andy Macdonald, Sarah Perryman, Tony Scott, and Rodger White.


e-RA has been funded by the BBSRC National Capability Grant BBS/E/C/00005189 since 2012.

Contact Information

For further information and access to the data held in e-RA, please contact the e-RA curators, Sarah Perryman and Margaret Glendining.

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