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Rothamsted Experimental Station: Details of the Classical and Long-term Experiments Up to 1967-1
Classical Experiments -all9
General Notes9
Broadbalk - Wheat 11
Hoosfield - Barley19
Hoosfield - Alternate Wheat and Fallow23
Agdell - Formerly Four-course Rotations25
Barnfield - Formerly Mangolds and Sugar Beet29
Park Grass - Hay35
Hoosfield Exhaustion Land - Barley (Formerly Wheat, Later Potatoes)43
Rothamsted Garden - Clover48
Stackyard - Woburn - Formerly Wheat and Barley49
Saxmundham - Rotation I53
General Notes on Saxmundham53
Saxmundham - Rotation II56
Modern Long-term Experiments -all61
Residual Values - Rothamsted61
Two-course Rotation - Rothamsted63
Three-course Rotation - Rothamsted64
Four-course Rotation - Rothamsted68
Six-course Rotation - Rothamsted and Woburn72
Deep-cultivation Rotation - Rothamsted76
Ley-arable Rotations - Rothamsted78
Residual Phosphate Rotation - Rothamsted88
Cultivation-weedkiller Rotation - Rothamsted and Woburn91
Long-term Liming - Rothamsted and Woburn95
Green-manuring - Woburn97
Ley-arable Rotation - Woburn105
Market Garden Soil - Woburn115
Irrigation - Woburn123
Conversion Tables / Factors128

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