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John Bennet Lawes Ledger 11
Diary (Left Hand Pages) and Accounts (Right Hand Pages) 1847 - 58, Estate Rental, Stock Valuations, Financial Summaries, Capital Accounts and Lists of Contents of Cellar24
Accounts, Stock Lists and Valuations for Factories at Deptford, 1847 - 71, Barking, 1857 - 71, and Millwall, 1867 - 71. 265
Rothamsted Farm Accounts, Stock Lists and Valuations, 1847 - 52384
Accounts With the London and County Bank, St Albans, 1862 - 3405
Accounts With Mr Castley, 1846448
Harpenden British School Accounts, 1850 - 7452
Summary of Licence and Accounts With Mr Beadon for a Patent Bought by Lawes for Improvements to the Roofing of Houses and Other Buildings, 1854 - 5464
Diary (Left Hand Pages) and Accounts (Right Hand Pages) Plus Occasional Additional Accounts and Lists (Left Hand Pages) 1858 - 62472
General Valuations and Lists of Liabilities, 1862 - 70713

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