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Circular: Patent Chemical Manures: Feeding Stuffs,...

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Patent Chemical Manures: Feeding Stuffs, Etc. -1
Patent Chemical Manures1
Introduction Referring to Various Discussions, &c. On Manures, Integrity, Skill, and Capital - the True Elements of Success 1
Prices of Lawes' Manures5
Analysis and Report of Lawes' Manures for 18646
Analysis and Report of Lawes' Manures for 1862-37
Remarks on Lawes' Manures and Quantity per Irish Acre8
List of Agents for Lawes' Manures12
Remarks on Experiments, and the System of Manuring Best Adapted to Successful Root Growing13
Feeding Stuffs15
Remarks on Agricultural Statistics 15
Remarks on Rothamsted Field Experiments17
Report on the Effects of Different Manures on the Mixed Herbage of Grass Land18
Paper on the " Influence of Season on the Produce of Wheat52

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