Dataset: Soil Fumigation Experiment, Spring Oats, Pastures, 1935

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  • DOI: 10.23637/OA-OE-1935002-1
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    • Table 1. Plan and yields 1935 (xlsx)
    • Table 2. Summary of Results Grain, Straw, Weeds 1935 (xlsx)
    • Table 3. Plan and numbers of cysts 1935 (xlsx)
    • Table 4. Summary of Results 1935 (xlsx)
    • Combined results: Eel cyst counts and yields 1935 (xlsx)
  • Version: 1
  • Keywords: statistical data - soil - experimental design - nematoda
  • Author(s): Sarah Perryman
  • Publisher: Electronic Rothamsted Archive, Rothamsted Research


Numbers of eelworms in soil before and after fumigant treatments. This dataset consists of the plan, treatments, cultivations, yields and numbers of eelworm cysts relating to the Fumigation Experiment conducted in the field, Pastures, at Rothamsted. then Experimental Station, in 1935.


In March 1935, 400 grams of soil were sampled and the number of eelworm cysts were counted. Fumigants were added to the soil, oats were sown and harvested in August. In October the plots were sampled again and the final number of cysts recorded.

Technical Information

System of replication: 4 randomised blocks of 12 plots each. Area of each plots: 1/80 acre (30lks. X 41.7 lks.). Treatments: No fumigant (O), single (1) and double (2) dressings of "cymag" (CM), carbon disulphode jelly (S), chlordinitrobenzene (N) and "seekay" (CK), at the following rates of application per acre for the single dressing: 1 CM, 7.5 cwt.; 1 S, 24.3 cwt.; 1 N, 2.0 cwt. and 1 CK, 5.0 cwt. Basal Manuring: 1 cwt. sulphate of ammonia per acre. Cultivations: Ploughed: March 21 and 22. Fumigants ploughed in. Harrowed: March 25 and 26. Rolled: March 26. Drilled: March 26. Harrowed: March 27. Rolled: March 27. Harrowed: May 3. Harvested: August 9. Variety: Marvellous. Previous crop: Spring oats. Special Note: The ratio of weeds to total oats was determined by sampling at harvesting, two random samples being taken per plot. Standard Errors per plot: Grain: 3.38 cwt. per acre or 28.5%; straw: 6.17 cwt. per acre or 30.4%; weeds: 5.07 cwt. per acre.

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  • Sarah Perryman: Data curator
  • Richard Ostler: Project manager
  • Nathalie Castells-Brooke: Data manager
  • Margaret Glendining: Data curator

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This experiment is originally documented in the Rothamsted Annual Report of 1935 pages 176-178 as digitally archived in eRADoc "Other Experiments at Rothamsted" (1936) Report for 1935,

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