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Woburn Weather data available in 'Wobmet'

Daily meteorological data recorded at Woburn, Bedfordshire available from e-RA. Hourly data for Woburn from 2004 is available from the e-RA Curators.

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Air temperature

TMAX degrees C Maximum temperature, 1928-current date
TMIN degrees C Minimum temperature, 1928-current date
WETB degrees C Wet bulb temperature, 1928-2009
DRYB degrees C Dry bulb temperature, 1928-current date
DEWP degrees C Dew point (derived from DRYB and WETB), 1968-current date
GRSMIN degrees C Grass minimum temperature, 1929-current date

Soil temperature under grass

G30T degrees C Soil temperature at 30cm under grass, 1971-87
E30T degrees C Soil temperature at 30cm under grass, 1928-70; 1988-current date
E50T degrees C Soil temperature at 50cm under grass, 1971-current date
E60T degrees C Soil temperature at 60cm under grass, 1968-70
E100T degrees C Soil temperature at 100cm under grass, 1928-67; 1971-current date
E122T degrees C Soil Temperature at 122cm under grass, 1968-70

Soil temperature under bare soil

S10T degrees C Bare soil temperature at 10cm depth, 1968-current date
S20T degrees C Bare soil temperature at 20cm depth, 1968-current depth


RAIN mm Rainfall, 1928-current date
RDUR hr Rainfall duration, 1988-99


SUN hr Hours sunshine, 1928-current date


RAD MJ/m2 Total radiation, 1981-current date


CLOUD Cloud cover (in Oktas with 9=Fog) at 0900 GMT, 1928-99


WDIR Wind direction at 0900 GMT (0-360 degrees), 1928-current date
WFORCE Wind force in Beaufort scale (0-12) at 0900 GMT, 1928-67
WINDSP m/s Wind speed at 0900 GMT (at 10m), 1968-current date
WINDRUN km Run of wind 0900 to 0900 GMT (at 2m), 1968-current date


DYHAIL Code indicating type of hail, 1968-87; 1997-99
DYSNOW Code indicating day with snow or sleet, 1968-87; 1997-99
DYTHUN Code indicating day with thunder, 1968-87; 1997-99
FOG Code indicating fog at 0900 GMT, 1968-78
SNOWL Code indicating whether snow lying, 1968-78
SNOWD mm Total depth of snow, 1968-99
FSNOWD mm Depth of freshly-fallen snow at 0900 GMT, 1968-78

Other selected fields

RELH % Relative Humidity, 1928-70; 2009-current date
BAR mb Barometric pressure, 1928-70; 1988-99
VAP mb Vapour pressure (derived from DRYB and WETB), 1928-78; 1988-current date
VIS Visibility at 0900 GMT (code), 1928-99
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