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Total Monthly Rainfall at Rothamsted, March 1853 - December 2018

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Publication date V1. 2018/08/01
Last updated V3. 2019/11/04

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YOU MUST CITE AS: Rothamsted Research (2018). Rothamsted long-term monthly rainfall. Electronic Rothamsted Archive https://doi.org/10.23637/RMMRAIN5318

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This dataset represents the total monthly rainfall at Rothamsted continuously from March 1853 - December 2018 and is based on continuous daily records measured at the site.


Daily rainfall is measured as the total (mm) over the 24-hour period 0900 to 0900 GMT. It includes all precipitation - snow, rain, mist and fog. Rainfall was first recorded at Rothamsted in March 1853, using a copper funnel rain gauge (5 inch / 12.7 cm diameter) and measured using a graduated cylinder. Since 2004 it has been measured using an electronic tipping bucket rain gauge (10 inch / 25.4cm diameter), ARG100, calibrated to tip at 0.2mm (which has since become the minimum amount of rain that can be recorded). The rain gauge is placed within a 30cm deep 1.5m radius turf wall, retained by brick, to reduce wind eddies that may potentially blow rain out of the gauges. Data were collected daily manually until 2004 and since then by Automatic Weather Station using a standard protocol.


Rothamsted Meteorological Station, Harpenden, Hertfordshire, England 51.82 N 0.37 W 128 m asl.

Provenance & Quality

The monthly summary data contained in this spreadsheet are derived from daily data measured at Rothamsted Meteorological Station, Harpenden. Total monthly data is determined from daily data using Genstat 19th Edition. This dataset is comprised of a composite of RAIN and RAIN5, based on RAIN, with data from RAIN5 being used from 1880-1914 only (see Rainfall). Verification includes checks for instrument errors, for missing data and outliers. Missing values are acquired form the Met Office Station on site. The original raw daily data is available, after registering, from the e-RA database. Please contact the e-RA Curators for an access password and further details.

Supporting Information

RMMRAIN5318-sup-v1.xlsx: Rothamsted rain updates and errors.


Meteorological station
Weather data
Rainfall patterns

Climate change


Sarah Perryman, Tony Scott, Margaret Glendining, Chris Hall.


Rothamsted Research.

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For further information about the measurement of rain and precipitation at Rothamsted see Rainfall.

Please contact the e-RA Curators for further information, and assistance with questions about the data or its interpretation:

e-RA Curators,
Department of Computational and Analytical Sciences (CAS)
Rothamsted Research
Harpenden, Herts, AL5 2JQ

email: era@rothamsted.ac.uk


The Long-term Experiments and weather stations are supported by the Lawes Agricultural Trust and BBSRC National Capability Funding (BBS/E/C/000J0300) recognising the national and international importance of the data.

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